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Welcome to Bumble Bees and Butterflies !


Spring 2


This half term we have been looking at people who help us. We have learned about the dentist and the optician and

thought about what job we might have when we grow up.

A doctor came into nursery and talked about their work and we had a tour around the
school where we found out about the jobs that people do around Ainslie Wood.

We also had a ‘Stay and Explore’ session in the nursery, which was concentrating on Communication, lan- guage and Literacy. We had great fun making up stories in the puppet show and

making dens where we could go inside and talk to each other.

We loved playing in the snow that fell in February. We even brought the snow inside so we could touch it and experiment with it to see how to make it melt. 



Autumn 2 2018


This half term we have been looking at stories about bears and through these we thought about how to be kind to others remembering ‘sharing is caring’.

We especially liked the Traditional tale of ‘The Three Bears’ where we shared a teddy bears’ picnic. It has been exciting acting out the story together using masks, making bear books and sorting bears and objects into size order. We also looked at the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ where we worked together to build bridges in the garden.

We have loved our parents and carers joining us for ‘Stay and Play’. ‘I did a painting with my daddy’ (Ameera)

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Picture 3

Autumn 1 2018


As the year has started, we have had lots of new children taking their first steps into school with us in the Nursery. We have been learning about the nursery rules, how to be independent and how to look after ourselves—like putting on our own coats

and eating our lunches.

The book ‘Little Rabbit Foo Foo’ by Michael Rosen has helped us to think about being kind to our friends.

This led into digging for worms in the garden and then hosting a visit from a rabbit. We then thought about our own pets or a pet that we might like.    

We also loved looking at the book ‘Socks’ by Nick Sharratt. We paired socks, ordered socks and even made a sock mon-

ster which you can find on our wall. 


Summer 1 2018


In Nursery this half term the children have been excited to learn more about
transport. Some children went to the London Transport museum

with their parents and came back to tell their friends about what
they saw. The children made their favourite form of
transport at home with the help of their families and then showed this to the group.

Come and see them displayed on the wall in the Nursery.

Our story, Mr Gumpy’s Outing, included a mode of transport. He went out in a boat!

This led to us experimenting with floating and sinking objects.

Outside the children were then in- spired to make a train out of card- board boxes and when asked where 

they told ing Cross.”.were going us:; “We’re go- to Waltham WOW, lovely work children. 

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This half term the children have enjoyed looking at ‘Creatures under the sea’

To be able to make an octopus the children needed to listen to instructions, count out 8 legs and then glue them onto the paper plate.

This is helping the children’s maths and communication skills, and the best thing is they are learning through play!


We also looked at the book ‘The Rainbow Fish’. The rainbow fish was very sad because he wouldn’t share with his friends. We are learning to share our toys with our friends in Nursery.


Last week we joined in with ‘Bird Watch Week’. Fred enjoyed being in the bird hide, looking and listening for birds. He counted which birds he saw using a tally chart.

Spring Term 1 2018

This half term we have been looking at bears. We found out that bears eat honey and are covered in fur. Miss King got very hot when she dressed up as a bear and was covered in fur.

One day Goldilocks came into the nursery while we weren’t there: we found a broken chair on the floor and mess everywhere! She had made the wrong choices.  

Anaya said It was ‘super-duper’ when we played with the parachute on the hill. We tossed the bears high in the sky and then we hid underneath the parachute. 

We have lots of fun at nursery !

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Autumn Term 1 2017

This term we have been busy in the vegetable garden planting, weeding, watering and finally eating. 


We have just picked and tried the radishes and rocket which one child described as ‘spicy’.




The Nursery children have also been thinking about ‘We are kind’.

We read the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’


The children have an invisible bucket which fills when they do or say something kind but empties when they are unkind or make the wrong choice.


Jaabil says’ My bucket is full!’



What fun we have at nursery!

Summer Term 2 - July 2017

There are three prime areas in the Foundation Stage Curriculum. These are:

1 .Personal, Social and Emotional development (PSED)
In PSED these children are learning
to play together and are waiting their turn.






2. Communication and language


In Communication and Language children learn to listen, hold a conversation and ask questions.

Here children are playing in the new mud kitchen making soup. They talk about what they are making and what they are going to add.




3. Physical development.


In Physical development, as well as running, jumping and climbing we look at being healthy. Here a boy listens to his heart through the stethoscope. He then runs around the garden and listens to the different noise that his heart is making.





We have had many parents in for ‘Stay and Play’ this term and the children, their siblings and parents are having a great time.







Summer Term 1 - May 2017

This term we have been thinking about  ‘transport’. We have used recycled materials to make buses, aeroplanes and cars and also made a graph to show how we come to nursery. The children were also interested in looking at trains, especially steam trains and how they work. They looked at coal, felt it- and got dirty hands. They have engaged in pretend play outside in a milk crate train unfortunately the train broke down and they had to repair it- luckily it wasn’t cancelled!

Spring Term 2 - March 2017

This half term we have been once again looking at the traditional stories. We have made Gingerbread 

men, which were described as ‘tasty’. Unfortunately some of the Gingerbread men ran away and the children had to hunt in the garden for them.


We have had a lot of rain this term and the children have enjoyed exploring outside with paint and bubbles in the puddles. They brushed and mixed the colours together and were amazed that they could make different colours. We have also had lots of cold weather and children are becoming more independent in putting on their coats, hats, gloves and scarves to keep themselves warm.

Spring Term 1 - January 2017

We have had a busy half term with many new children to make friends with. We have been learning to take turns and are beginning to play together and share.




Despite the weather being a little colder we have loved the water both inside and out and are beginning improve our pouring skills which is helping us become independent to access our own drinks.




We have had several ‘Stay and Play’ sessions this half term where our mums, dads and carers have become involved in our play and have seen what we get up to each day!




Finally, we have had the Nativity play, where we learnt many songs and found the confidence to participate.



Autumn Term 2 December 2016

This term we have been thinking about ‘The forest’.  To help us we have looked at many different books like, ‘Little Red Riding Hood ‘ and ‘Owl babies’. We also went on a bear hunt where we sung songs, made bark rubbings, found autumnal coloured leaves and listened to the story of ‘The Gruffalo’.


Some parents came too (Thank you) and children’s comments of the trip were, ‘fantastic and ‘awesome’.


Autumn Term 1 October 2016

There are many new children in the nursery this term and we are beginning to make new friends.

We are trying to be independent in putting on our coats and doing them up.


We enjoy creating pictures by painting, sticking and cutting. This is our art gallery. We are very proud of what we achieve.

Autumn Term 1 September 2016

As always Nursery children have had a busy half term.  We have had many parents come to stay and play on Fridays and we have sung some great songs linked to our theme.



One of our themes has been about sticks. We looked at the book ‘Stanley Stick’ and Rosa’s mum read the story ‘Stick man’ to all the bumble bee children- Well done and thank you. We would welcome any parent or carer into nursery to carry out a special activity. 


We have also been looking and comparing different countries. We went on a magic carpet to India, Australia and also to the Arctic Circle. This theme ended with the International day and a steel band- great playing Miss Foncham. 




Summer Term 2 July 2016

This half term we have been thinking about keeping ourselves healthy. We have tried yoga and dancing and felt the effects of exercise on our bodies by feeling our heart. 


This has led to us thinking about the people who help us. We visited our school cook Annette, in the kitchen with her huge fridge and freezer. 

We also visited Sally and Lorraine in the school office. We then pretended we were working in an office too. Children asked many questions like, ‘What do you do in the office?’ and, ‘What do you do on the computer?’ 


Doctor Ken and Nurse Jill came and brought a real stethoscope, and other instruments that they use in the Doctors surgery. 


This led into the growth of ourselves from babies, and of plants.  We were amazed when a robin built its nest in the nursery rafters and brought worms to feed the baby.


We have grown cress and made sandwiches and also looked at the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

Julia and Emilia drew a picture together of Jack climbing the beanstalk. 

Summer Term 1 May 2016

We hope after Easter that we can begin ‘Stay and Play’. Please come and see what we do!

Expressive Arts and Design:


I have made a space rocket. ‘It’s on remote control. We can go to the moon’


Understanding of the World


We can talk about some of the things we have observed and we can also show care and concern for living things.



We are finding out that number identifies how many objects are in a set.



We know that information can be retrieved from books.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Physical Development


Drawing lines and circles holding equipment in a good grip.

Communication and Language


We have been listening to our peers talk about their ‘home learning’.



We can see that the children really enjoyed this activity.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


We can select resources, demonstrating friendly behaviour and make good relationships 

with our peers.
These children made a fire together. 

This half term we have been looking at different animals using the stories, ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and ‘Elmer’.

We have also been looking at Space through the story ‘Whatever Next’.Through our play we have been learning in each area of the foundation stage curriculum.

Spring 2 March 2016

We are learning how to look after books, finding out about the author, the illustrator, the title and the blurb. Finally, we learnt how to be an author and we made our own books.



Outside in the garden we have been looking at birds to coincide with the National RSPB Bird Watch Week. Children made binoculars for their play. They spoke about wings, flight, feathers, food and identified bird names. We made a bird hide. Some children found it hard to be quiet and listen to the birds!

From the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ we made our own houses from small and large construction materials and then tried to blow them down. We watched a science experiment with different materials and watched the staff act out the story to the children.

We tasted porridge, which was inspired by the story of ‘The Three Bears’. Some children really liked the porridge (some not). It wasn’t too hot, too cold, too salty or even too sweet (especially as we are a healthy school). We have looked at farm animals from the ‘Chicken Licken’ story and thought about rhyming words. The children especially liked ‘Foxy Loxy’, even though he ate the animals.

This half term we have been looking at Traditional Tales.

We trip, trapped across the Troll’s bridge, from

‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. Children walked

carefully across a bridge, not wanting to be eaten by the big bad troll!




Spring 1 January and February 2016

The Nursery children have been finding out about different celebrations and the story of Christmas.  The children have really enjoyed learning the many Christmas songs for the Nativity Play which they performed enthusiastically to their parents and carers and to the infant and junior classes.

This term the Nursery children have been learning about dinosaurs. The children have had fun making dinosaur eggs with papier mache, freeing trapped dinosaurs from ice and watching a volcano!  

Wow! we made a volcano

Wow! we made a volcano 1

Autumn 2, November and December 2015

September 2015

The Nursery children have been busy enjoying lots of different learning experiences in both the indoor and outdoor areas whether its  making tea, building a wall or practising their drawing skills.

Through stories and songs the children learn to sit, listen and join in, developing their communication and language skills. 

Can you name these owls?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Owl Babies

Our first topic this year was Owl babies, the children learnt a lot about owls, woodland animals and the forest.

We took the children to the forest and followed a number trail.  The children made bark rubbings, used magnifying glasses and listened to ‘The Gruffalo’.


‘Night Owls’ also visited us and the children had great fun watching them fly.

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