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Spring term 2 2019



Year 2 had finished a journey through Africa, learning about a real story that happened in the 1820 and retold by Diane Hofmeyr. We kept company to a little giraffe called Zaraffa on her trip from Egypt to Paris by analysing Sphinx and pyramids landscapes, studying Egyptian rituals like combing hair with brushes made out of porcupine quills and Zaraffa’s feelings being separated from her mother. We also learnt a specific vocabulary to that part of the world like: felluca, hot haboob, amulet and Pasha.


Autumn Term 2 2018

What an interesting half term we had in year 2! We read the book “The Gigantic Turnip” and learned that working in a team is better than working on our own. Year 2 worked hard on writing their own versions of the story by changing the setting, the animals who helped and the vegetable that needed pulling. We also learnt how to follow instructions and created our very own “Gruffalo crumble”. Would anyone try it for lunch? If so, please visit Year 2, it’s delicious.
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Autumn Term 1 2018


We cannot believe we are at the end of Autumn 1! How many things can you pack in 7 weeks? Oh dear, we have learnt lots. Year 2 are now experts in Our Local Area, visiting landmarks from 3 different parts of Chingford; Chingford Mount, Highams Park and Fields and Epping Forest. Children learnt about the human and physical resources and analysed them in our trips. We are now experts in our local area and you can find our expertise in our leaflets! Look for them!


Summer Term 1 2018

Year 2 has enjoyed learning about The Great fire of London Did you

know it is estimated that about 80,000 people lived in London at that time and the fire is thought to have destroyed the homes of 70,000 of them? How could something like this have happened? Well, most of the houses were made of wood and we know that wooden houses

burn easily, the weather also helped during those few days and, believe it or not, firefight- ers were not very popular at that time! We’re so glad things are different today. Check your smoke detectors and fire alarms everyone! 

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Spring Term 1 2018

What a great half term has been and it’s gone so quickly! We have started our projects about “endangered animals”, learning about their habitats, diets, appearance and most important thing, factors that make them endangered.  Are you thinking why are we studying such a fascinating topic? Well, firstly we wanted to make a difference by bringing our own support in saving these species. So how can we help? We have concluded that making all people aware of these factors like: throwing rubbish in nature, oil spills in water, destroying habitats we would all make a difference towards saving these amazing animals.
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Autumn Term 1 2017

Year 2 have experienced the exciting, delicious journey of the origins of chocolate and the process of creating it learning lots of science and geography along the way.

We have explored the different types of chocolate and described and discussed the flavours. We now know when and how chocolate arrived in Europe, also learnt key information like when the first bar of chocolate was made. 

We had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a workshop about chocolate, where we learnt more about the history and fair trade. We also designed our very own chocolate pizzas, which were judged by our resident ‘Simon Cowell’ - Ms Scott.  Golden Wonka bars all round

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In Year 2, we have been very enthusiastic with this first Summer term’s project, which is based on the Wright brothers and their invention of flight. In particular, we have studied a Greek myth linked to flight, ‘Icarus and Daedalus’ which inspired us to write instructions to create our very own wings! We also enjoyed creating montages similar to Henri Matisse’s piece of artwork on Icarus. The children have had the opportunity to scientifically explore and investigate what affects flight and have designed, created and evaluated mini aeroplanes using various materials.



During the second half of the Spring term, Year 2 have been really excited about our project based learning! Our main focus has been based on Plants. 

The children initially designed their own ideal gardens, then brought together their ideas for a shared garden. The children thoroughly enjoyed planting their own seeds and becoming more green-fingered! The students have been fascinated by how much our plants have grown and  have documented the stages of growth in our personal plant journals. 

We have continued this learning throughout the curriculum by looking at and writing our own traditional tales based on Jack and the Beanstalk.