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Who are the Ainslie Wood governors?

The Ainslie Wood Governing Body is made up of 9 members.  Included in this count, we have:

The Headteacher

2 Parent Governors

1 Local Authority Governor

1 Staff Governor

and the rest are made up by Co Opted governors who bring particular skills to our team.

Meet the Governors

Chair of Governors

Our Chair of Governors is Tom Gregory.  You may already know him. Tom used to be the Assistant Head, Leader of Learning and a Year 6 teacher here at Ainslie Wood.  Tom has previous experience as a Chair of Governors at another school (he was, in fact, the youngest CoG in the country at that time!) and he still sits on the governing body of another school.  Tom now works for the Department for Education.


Vice Chair/Parent Governor

Our Vice Chair is Eve Hebditch.  Eve works as a Producer for Marco Polo learning and is a parent governor as both of her children attend Ainslie Wood; Zach in Year 5 and Rosa in Year 2.  You'll find Eve in the playground before and after school most days if you have any governor related issues or questions to raise.


Parent Governor

Our second parent governor is Marc Brown.  Marc works for Her Majesty's Government (HMG) and has 2 children at Ainslie Wood (number 3 to be joining in another year or so).  You may see him to struggling to get Harry to Year 3 and Fred to Reception on time in the mornings but he wants everyone to know that he is happy to talk to anyone who'd like to share any governor related issues.


Local Authority Governor

Our Local Authority Governor is Nick Harvey.  You won't believe this, but Nick is also a parent of a child at Ainslie Wood (but that's not the role he holds as governor).  Nick works for Waltham Forest Local Authority as PMO Manager for Transformation and is also the dad of Willow who attends our nursery.



Co Opted Governors

Bal Jheeta is one of our education specialists.  Bal is an Assistant Head Teacher at another Waltham Forest school and is our link governor for Safeguarding and SEND.


Our other education specialist is Vicky Quaif who has 12 years of teaching experience to bring to our team.  Vicky grew up in Waltham Forest and now works in Redbridge as a class teacher, phase leader and maths leader.  She is our link governor for Data and Standards.


Staff Governor

The person representing our staff at the Governing Body meetings is Mr Halpin.  You must know him - he teaches Year 3 and usually has a beard!


And finally, I'm sure you all know the Headteacher (find her info on the SLT section of the 'Who's Who' page).  Ms Scott sits on the Governing Body, reporting everything about the school, how we are doing and what our plans are and then answers lots of questions

Minutes for Governors Meetings 2017-18