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Spring term 2



In English, we have been reading an incredible story called ‘Cosmic’ which is about a boy who accidentally gets lost in Space. We took on the exciting challenge of becoming real-life news reporters and documented his out of this world journey back to Earth. On World Book Day 2018 lots of people dressed up as their favourite book character, it was so much fun! Many of us in Year 5 came as Roald Dahl characters, but in the end we had to pick one ‘best dressed’ winner. And the winner was… Lucy with her marvellous interpretation of Violet Baudelairefrom Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events. We also took part in a ‘Staying Safe Online’ campaign for Safer Internet Day. We created informative posters about the dos and don’ts whilst on social media. So if you ever need any advice about how to stay safe online Year 5 are at your service!


Autumn Term 2 2018

Oh what a blast we’ve had this term in Achieve class!  We got to meet an actual real life ice climber. Can you believe it? A person who climbs ice mountains for fun! We learnt all about what it’s like to climb in these extreme conditions and we even got to try out some of the special equipment used during such an expedition. Now the next thing that I’m about to tell you is super AMAZING! This term, to help promote anti-bullying, week we got to do a balloon release! It was so much fun. We each wrote our own note for our balloon and sent them all flying up into the sky. Fingers crossed someone finds our messages… who knows they might even end up in another country. Well that’s all for now, until next time…   Written by Roving Reporter- Zahra  
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Autumn  Term 1 2018


We can’t believe that the half-term is almost upon us! Time certainly does fly when you are in Year 5! To kick things off, this term we have been learning all about Invaders and Settlers of Britain. The year started off with a bang with our mind blowing experience to the Verulamium. This gave us the opportunity to explore an actual town that existed in Roman Britain! We really enjoyed finding out about The Roman way of life… and even got to touch some artefacts that were two thousand years old! In class we have been designing our own Roman mosaics, creating Anglo-Saxon crafts and learning how to write using the Viking alphabet. We can’t wait to continue our learning by putting our research skills to the test to create our very own Invaders and Settlers information book (which by the way, we are hoping to have published). Until next time…

Summer Term 1 2018

As we continue our big project to turn the space outside of Year 5 into a Peace Garden, 

on the 25th of April, we visited Kew Gardens to gather inspiration. It was fascinating

learning about bees in the hive and how important they are. The 'Hive' was connected to
a real bee hive. As the bees buzzed, the vibrations were turned into music and lights appeared.

Did you know there is a type of bee that makes its hive inside an empty snail shell?!

High above the trees, we went on a tree top walk. It was a little scary at first, but with supportive friends, determination and the stunning views of Kew Gardens to distract us, we made it safely across.

We can't wait to try and replicate what we found in Kew Gardens in our very own Peace Garden. 

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Spring Term 1 2018

Working hard and striving for our best is the aim here in Year 5 and we have given it our best shot this half term. We enjoyed becoming journalists and writing our newspaper reports while also getting our heads around multiplying and dividing decimals. We have enjoyed reading, performing and writing our own poems all about peace and we hope to get these up on the website so keep your eyes peeled. 


Much of our hard work has gone into developing our understanding of peace and how it doesn't matter if people have different views, beliefs or cultures we can all get along with each other. We have enjoyed our sessions with Robin and Fiona as they have really helped us to understand this concept and we look forward to portraying it in our new peace garden which we will be starting work on in the very near future. 


Finally we would like to thank all the parents who came along to our Titanic exhibition and looked at all the hard work and effort that had been put into are learning. We had a fantastic afternoon showing off our knowledge and waved a final goodbye to the Titanic dressed in clothes from the time.

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Autumn Term 1 2017

Year 5 have stepped back in time to Ancient Greece. To become experts, we have chosen a variety of areas to research, including; weapons, clothing, the Olympics, food and music. It’s been fascinating finding out about how life has changed since the Athenians and Spartans were alive. Inspire taught the whole school about it during their amazing class assembly! When we have finished our project we will be showcasing our learning so please come along! You will also have the chance to see some great construction work we carried out as part of our home learning project where we made a replica of the Trojan Horse out of a variety of materials. 

  Alongside learning about the Greeks, we have had some exciting activity outside the mobiles. The fox currently living outside has excited some of Year 5 and we are focusing our learning all around foxes. We haven't been this excited since Pokémon Go first arrived onto our devices! Come along to Achieve's assembly after half term to find out all about it.

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Did you know that Waterloo is London Underground's busiest station? Or that Angel station has the longest escalator? I bet you didn't know that there are over 1000 bodies lying in a plague pit underneath Aldgate Station?


These are just some of the fascinating facts that we have found out already as part of out new project, 'Mind the Gap' which focuses on the London Underground and how it has changed over the years. We will be looking at the evolving tube trains as well as comparing our underground systems to other countries around the world. To link in with this, we will be creating some spooky stories in English that will be set in an underground tunnel late at night. 


We continue to push ourselves in Maths and with the end of the academic year fast approaching, we are really challenging ourselves to work with large numbers, decimals and even algebra. Year 6, here we come!



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