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Spring term 2 2019

Year 1 have had a fantastic half term. For World Book day we explored Julia Donaldson books. We particularly loved learning about the Gruffalo and created role plays of the story, thought of questions to ask the Gruffalo and even designed our own creatures for the story! They were terrifying! For world book day we dressed up as our favourite book character - the costumes were

amazing! The Green Quad adults looked particularly funny they all dressed up as aliens love underpants, one of our all time favourite stories.


AUTUMN 2 2018

In Maths we’ve been learning how to make magic potions using different amounts of cool ingredients like squishy eyeballs that looked like marshmallows and smelly wild thing fur. We even used real water from an ocean!

In English we followed instructions to make our very own watercress plants and we learned how to make (and eat) some tasty jam sandwiches, it was great! We loved dressing up in our pyjamas for Children in Need day, even the adults got to dress up and we all brought in our pillows, it has been so much fun.


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Autumn Term 1 2018


Year 1 have had a fantastic start to the year and set- tled into Green Quad well. We have had a very busy half term be-

coming local area experts. We have been learn- ing all about where we live including all of the different facilities we have here which includes shops, banks, parks, green areas and lots of dif- ferent modes of transport. Green quad have been on walks around Chingford Mount and Highams Park where we have explored, discussed and recorded all of the interesting things we could find.

In English we have been ex- ploring pirate themed sto- ries. The children created amazing role plays of parts of the story and created their own treasure maps. Hope we didn’t scare you too much when we filled the place with pirates on Pirate dress up day! 

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Summer Term 1 2018

Year 1 have had a fantastic half term. We have been reading and exploring the book ‘The Lonely Beast’ this half term. We worked in groups to cre- ate imaginative role plays of the Beast’s journey and then made story maps to retell the Beast’s journey. Year 1 wrote fantastic dia- ry entries as the Beast and even wrote their own

Newspaper reports.

For our new project we are exploring all about toys: their history, the materials they are made from and toys from different parts of the world. We started our project by all sharing our favour- ite toys with the class.

We had the exciting opportunity to visit the Mu- seum of Childhood at the end of our project to help us find out even
more. We had an excellent

time exploring and finding out lots of information. 

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Spring Term 1 2018

Year 1 have had an exciting start to 2017. One morning Create and Construct class came back into their classes after playtime and discovered something had messed up the classrooms! You will never guess

what - an enormous dinosaur travelled into 2017 and stormed through our classrooms.

We then found a mysterious, blue egg hiding in the classroom. We passed around the egg and the children discussed what type of egg it was and why the dinosaur might have left it in our class- room! We looked for clues on the CCTV and saw video of the dinosaur roaming through our classroom!

We were so shocked but this gave us the opportunity for Year 1 to become dinosaur experts. We have learnt loads of facts about them including: names of the different types of dinosaurs; what they ate; their habitats and other interesting information. 

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Autumn term 1 2017

Wow! Year 1 have had an amazing start to the new school year! We are really excited about being part of green quad and have settled in well. This half term, Year 1 have become marine biologists! Every child has chosen a sea creature to become an expert in and researched facts about it.  For example; we can now tell you the names of the different body parts of our sea creatures, their habitat and what they eat! Year 1 have found very interesting facts. Did you know octupuses have 3 hearts? No I didn’t either!

 In English we have been exploring the story ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and writing amazing colourful semantics sentences with fantastic adjectives! 

We even had the opportunity to go and visit the Sea life centre in Southend to explore a wide range of sea creatures for ourselves. Year 1 had a very interesting and informative talk about crabs and starfish from one of the marine biologists at the centre. We even had the chance to touch some of the rock pool creatures, we made sure we were very careful!

Year 1 Aquarium

Still image for this video
This is a video we took of our Year 1 aquarium before our visitors came to find out lots of information about a range of sea creatures. Hope you enjoy watching it.
This term our project is based on Dragons! The children found out that Ms Lee and Ms Green discovered a dragons egg in their garden. They had an opportunity to hold the egg and used their senses to describe it. The children used some amazing adjectives! They also created their own paper mache eggs, masks and experimented with a range of patterns. We are excited about all the activities and learning that we have planned for the children to do. Please check out our Twitter pages for regular updates on their learning.
In Maths we have been learning about repeated addition, multiplication and division and repeating patterns. The children are doing extremely well with counting in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s in Big Maths and applying this knowledge everyday. We will continue developing their skills in all areas of Maths through a range of practical and written strategies.