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Spring term 2 



We loved being outside exploring the snow! We found ice and made some little snowmen, it was freezing cold but really exciting!

We have also been learn- ing all about superheroes this half term. Supertato was a great superhero,

he made sure he always caught the evil pea. We made our very own vegetable superheroes and spoke about all their super powers! We tried lots

of different vegetables too. We loved brussel sprouts but the swede was our least favourite!

We made a cake too! We had to follow the in- structions very carefully to make sure we weighed out
all of the ingredients. It was great fun and tasted amazing! 



Autumn Term 2 2018

Did you know Reception went on a trip to the forest this half term? We actually found Stickman hiding in the trees. He wrote us a letter telling us how much he missed his family and we helped him to feel better.

One of our friends has been in hospital so we decided it might be nice to send her a letter to make her feel better. We wrote some letters, drew some pictures and then we went to a REAL-LIFE Post Office. At the Post Office we saw all the people that work there and we saw some people posting letters. Then we posted our letter. The journey there was so much fun too, we got to go on the bus. The bus had a letter and a number on it. It was the W16.

We all worked really hard on our Nativity. I know all of you parents learned the songs almost as well as the children did, but we were so proud of our performances and how well everyone learned the story and their parts.

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Autumn Term 1 2018


We are all so proud of our Reception children as they have settled into Reception so well! We are seeing the beginning of some lovely friendships between both classes and the children are showing very kind behav- iour to each other .

Our friend Muddles needed some help to count in order up to 10. We were able to help by making number lines all on our own to show our great Maths skills!

You won’t believe this but,
we had a very cheeky but surprise visit from the Gruffalo who left a load of muddy footprints out- side! We decided to go and search for him into the forest on a kind of a ‘Gruffalo hunt’. We took our families with us and had lots of fun. That Gruffalo was very tricky to find but he did leave us a letter with his famous story which Miss King read to us. 

Summer Term 1 2018

This half term Reception have been investigating Growth, Life Cycles and Minibeasts. We read the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and then planted our very own magic beans. Some of them are growing very tall and some aren’t growing at all. I wonder why that is....

We also learnt about the life
cycle of a Frog whilst reading
the story ‘Tadpole’s Promise’.
We did some amazing writing
predicting the end of the story.
Can you believe that at the end
of the story, the Frog ate his
best friend, the caterpillar?! He
didn’t recognise her because she had changed into a butterfly. When we were reading this story we were very surprised to have a special deliv- ery of ten tiny caterpillars. We are carefully watching them and are waiting to see them spin their chrysalis soon. We can’t wait to see what type of beautiful butterflies emerge.

The children in Reception really enjoy complet- ing challenges every single day. This half term we have particularly enjoyed our maths chal- lenges. We have been learning to add and take away using a number line, double and even halve numbers. Some are now setting tricky challenges for the teachers and for their friends. 

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Spring Term 1 2018

Reception have been so busy this half term, learning all about superheroes. When we came back from our holidays we realised Miss Eames was missing! Can you believe it? We think she may have been captured by a super villain, but don’t worry the superheroes will have her back soon. We have their phone numbers and I’m sure we have called them all. The children completed some lovely writing deciding how they could save Miss Eames and we are all very proud of their efforts.


We then learned a little about real-life superheroes and Chinese New Year. Luckily for us the children trained incredibly hard to become firefighters and put out lots of fires all around Reception. Jasmine in Year 1 came to speak to us about Chinese New Year and some of teachers should us how to use chopsticks, we found that a little bit tricky, but we tried our best. We have also been on the hunt for 3D shapes all around us, and they are EVERYWHERE! The children found them outside, in the classroom and all over school. I wonder if they could find some at home…?​

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Autumn Term 1 2017

We are so pleased that all our Reception children have settled in really well and are making lots of new friends! We have been busy exploring some of the stories written by Julia Donaldson which have taken us on many adventures! We had a mysterious visitor who left a big mess outside; there were muddy footprints and slime everywhere! We realised that it was the Gruffalo who came to visit us and he was not very happy about the mouse wanting to eat him! 

In maths, we have become experts at making patterns using lots of different objects, colours and even fruit! We have practised using Numicon to explore number and have begun to realise that everything around us can be counted


World Book Day

Reception had great fun on World Book Day, we dressed up as our favourite characters from many different stories. Can you see anyone you recognise? Mr. Manning also came down to the Reception garden, to read us a fantastic story. We had the "Best day ever!"

Stickman Hunt

Discover and Explore classes went on an amazing "Stickman" hunt during our Julia Donaldson topic. We each collected a stick to take with us back to school and we then used our sticks to make exciting new objects such as; fishing rods, bows and arrows and paintbrushes.

Our Trip to the Forest

As part of our Forest topic, Discover and Explore classes went on a trip to Ainslie Wood. Even though it was raining we really enjoyed walking through the woods. We found lots of Acorns, leaves and berries - the signs of Autumn that we have been learning about with our teachers. Thank you to all the Mum's and Dad's who put on their boots and coats, and joined us on our trip.


Our Nativity play A Miracle in Town was a great success. The children in Discover and Explore classes are very proud of themselves. They have worked so hard learning all the songs, lines and actions. Now to enjoy a well earned rest over the holidays. See you all in 2016.

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Owl Babies

We have been settling well into school life.


Our first topic this half term was 'Owl Babies' which centered around families. This helped us to share our anxieties and understand our feelings, knowing that our grown ups return!


Along with Nursery and Year One, we enjoyed a visit from 'night owls'. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the naughty owl who did not follow the script (he was a particular favourite of ours) but we made sure to be on our best behaviour.

The Gruffalo

We have also been enjoying our second topic 'The Gruffalo'!


As part of this we made Gruffalo masks out of paper plates, making sure we remembered that his eyes were orange, his tongue black, his terrible tusks, a poisonous wart on the end of his nose and purple prickles all over his back! Ask us to sing to you about him!  We would love to! We also decorated the characters in the story which Discover Class used in their assembly.


We then decided to go on a trip to our local forest area. We walked in our groups and looked at the environment. Using paper and crayons we did some tree rubbings. We looked closely at trees, leaves and plants using magnifying glasses and collected things to bring back to school. Before we came back to school we read the story of 'The Gruffalo' in the forest, it was so much fun!


This half term, after popular demand we looked at the topic Space! We had lots of fun with a role play corner and a rocket to take off to space in! This involved lots of fun and number work learning opportunities.  Our learning was based around the story ‘Whatever Next’. We also learned about the different planets, spaceships and astronauts.

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This half term we have also been looking at Animals. 


For our Animal topic we looked at the story ‘Dear Zoo’. We wrote our own letters to the Zoo asking them to send us our favourite animals.


We had a visit from ‘Millers Ark Farm’. They brought us sheep and lambs to cuddle, naughty goats and kids, pigs to tickle, a miniature donkey to groom, colourful chickens, quacky ducks, a goose, rabbits and guinea pigs to hold. It was so much fun!

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We read the story Jack and the Beanstalk this term and we got to grow our own beanstalk. We planted them in a cup and we left them in the window. We watered them every day and took really good care of them. We were so excited to see them growing taller and taller. They grew all the way to the Giant’s castle! 


When we were learning about minibeasts we went on a minibeast hunt. We looked on the ground and in the bushes, it was very exciting. We also learned how caterpillars become butterflies and watched our own caterpillars grow bigger and bigger…Amazing!! We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Discover Class had an assembly retelling the story.