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Enquire and Investigate

Welcome to Year 3 - Enquire and Investigate!


This year in Year 3, your child will be working on many different, fun projects. Our aim is for children to work independently, collaboratively and be motivated and enthused by their learning.


To do this, we make the learning as relevant to the child as possible. We encourage children to write questions about the topic they are learning about and endeavour to help children find answers to these questions, throughout the topic.

Spring term 2




This half term, Year 3 have been exploring a fantastic wordless text called ‘Journey’. We have made lots of predictions, interpreted the illustrations, explored emotive language and used our imaginations to write the story in our own words. We also learnt how to use different sentence openers to add excitement to our stories; we are definitely getting the hang of it! Year 3 had lots of fun during Book Week; we looked at different books by the amazing author David Walliams and dressed up as our favourite characters for World Book Day! In Maths we have refined many of our mathematical skills including fractions of shapes and amounts, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, money and measures. We especially enjoyed using money and challenging ourselves with lots of word problems. We are definitely on our way to becoming expert mathematicians! Year 3 have also been so busy learning lots of new phrases in French as well as perfecting their musical skills playing the glockenspiels, we are so proud of our achievements!​

Autumn Term 2 2018

During the closing of this autumn term we have been incredibly busy with a huge amount of different areas of English and maths. In maths we have been having lots of practical fun with fractions and angles! We have also been refining our multiplication and division skills linking this to our project to do with budgeting for our end of project outcome which is our very own tasty dish! In English we have been focusing on a text which allowed us to explore a different country as well as a variety of food ideas which fed into our instructional writing for our very own recipes. We can’t wait for you to taste them!
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Autumn Term 1 2018


Year 3 have made a fantastic start to the term! The children have jumped right into their project based learning by investigating sound, using instruments and making their very own music compositions using GarageBand. Investigate class were fantastic when it came to their assembly, they shared all their hopes and dreams as well as learning Hall of Fame off by heart. In English, the children have explored the amazing picture book ‘FLOTSAM’ by David Wiesner and have interpreted the illustrations and used their imagination to write the story in their own words. In Maths the children have been learning about place value and partitioning and how to add and subtract in column. They have also been busy estimating and rounding up or down to the nearest 10. The children have worked incredibly hard this half term, what a way to start the year!

Summer Term 1 2018

WOW where has this half term gone? It only feels like yesterday that we came back from Easter. After rounding up our project on The Stone Age we started our new and exciting project: ‘Planet Earth’. So far, we have used Atlases and Google Earth to explore some physical and human fea- tures found on our planet. Did you know that Earth is the only planet that has an atmosphere containing 21 percent oxygen?

This pro- ject linked perfectly to our Sci- ence unit on Forces and Mag- nets. We found out

about forces such as Friction and tested different surfaces to see how the friction varied.

Our brains have been well and truly challenged in Maths as we deepened our understanding of fractions by identifying, adding and ordering them. English has also kept us on our toes this half term as we didn’t find out what the text was called until 3 weeks in to it! This helped us to use our imagination and make predictions along the way. Once we had found out that it was called ‘The Tin Forest’, we created our own version on a display. We can’t wait to continue our project into next half term and find out much more! 

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Spring Term 1 2018

Wow what another action packed half term! We have been having so much fun with our learning that we didn't even realise it had been 6 weeks already! As we had been so into our previous project, we continued learning about habitats way in to this half term. We chose a woodland animal and went in to the woods and created a real life habitat out of natural resources. If we were woodland animals we definitely would want to live in them! In English we became authors and wrote our own stories based on an animal going on a journey, we really tried hard to use interesting language and make our stories super awesome. You will definitely see some of our writing in WH Smiths one day for sure! In Maths we have become number experts and have improved in written methods for subtraction and addition. We are so proud of all of our achievements this half term. Bring on the next one! 
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Autumn Term 1 2017

Wow what an amazing first half term it has been in Year 3! Over the last 7 weeks, we have been 'Aid Workers' and learnt lots about the current refugee crisis. As a year group we decided how we could help the children who are living in refugee camps and decided to create shoeboxes full of useful items. We got in touch with a refugee aid worker who gave us so much information. All of us came up with questions and we had a Skype call with Ash (the aid worker) who was working at a camp in Athens. She turned the camera around and we saw refugee children playing. We were so lucky to have experienced this—we learned so much. The last 7 weeks have seen plenty of planning and research in order to create the perfect shoebox gift to send the refugee children. We have planned these carefully and given a lot of thought about what should go in to them. Knowing that the children will benefit from these makes it really rewarding. This half term has been great fun, we can't wait to become experts in something new next half term! 

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Year 3 - Summer 1

This half term we are going to be studying the Tudors and everyone is looking forward to it. We have already been out on a trip to Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge where we had the opportunity to dress up as Tudor Monarchs, learn about the different food the Tudors ate, how they built the lodge, the changes that have been made over the many years and the hunting that took place there. Both classes had a fantastic time as you can see from our pictures! On the day we walked to Highams Park station and got the train the Chingford. Once we got there it was a short walk to the Lodge where we learnt that is was over 500 years old! The Lodge was actually built by Henry VIII as a present for his daughter Elizabeth. There was lots of information that we learnt from our guide who was dressed in Tudor clothes. The children are looking forward to learning all about Henry and his wives this term as well as Tudor clothes. houses and crime and punishment. 

Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge

Investigate class had their assembly this week (Friday 1st May) where they took us back to the rein of King Henry VIII. They taught us about his wives, what happened to each of them and how Henry VIII felt about them during the marriage. The audience loved the amazing acting involved especially Ciara who played young Henry VIII, good work Investigate. 

Investigate Class Assembly

Year 3 - Spring 2

We are very excited about our new project based learning. This half term we are looking at animals, with Investigate focusing on The African Savannah and Enquire looking at Under the Sea. We are exploring habitats, food chains and learning to sketch different animals. 

Our project work

Our project work 1
Our project work 2
Our project work 3
Our project work 4

Having looked at poetry for the first few weeks of term we are now looking at information texts in order for us to create a class book of Under the Sea/Savannah animals. We look forward to showing these off to the other classes at the end of term. The hope is that we can have an information text, a piece of poetry and drawings of as many different animals in our topic as possible. 


In RE we have been studying Christianity and have visited our local church St Edmunds. The vicar told us lots of useful information about the church like the different colours they wear depending on the time of year, what happens at the alter, the meaning of some of the stained glass windows and much more.

Enquire class have been working really hard learning all about Red Nose Day and practicing for our assembly on Friday 13th March. We hope you can join us and celebrate red nose, bring your funny faces!

Enquire Class Assembly

Enquire Class Assembly 1
Enquire Class Assembly 2
Enquire Class Assembly 3
Enquire Class Assembly 4
Enquire Class Assembly 5
Enquire Class Assembly 6

Year 3 - Spring 1

This half term we have been studying WW2 in history. We had the chance to make fruit buns, gas masks and even practice our sketching skills drawing spitfires in Art. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic, even going home and doing their own research.

Gas Masks and Fruit Buns

Gas Masks and Fruit Buns 1
Gas Masks and Fruit Buns 2
Gas Masks and Fruit Buns 3
Gas Masks and Fruit Buns 4
Gas Masks and Fruit Buns 5
Gas Masks and Fruit Buns 6
Gas Masks and Fruit Buns 7

The most exciting part of this term was our trip to HMS Belfast on a cold windy Wednesday. After our train ride into the city and an eventful tube ride (problems on the district line meaning we had to walk some of the way) we arrived at the huge impressive ship. A guide ran through the important things on the ship; captains uniforms, where the hammocks use to be, where the sailors ate dinner and much much more. We also had the chance to see life like models in action; cooking, cleaning and even the on board dentist. Everyone had a fantastic day, just look at the pictures to prove it. 

In computing we have been using probots to help with our understanding of coding, this linked in nicely to our English topic of instructions. We were able to follow instructions to create the fruit buns and gas masks in our Art lessons. In Maths we have been looking at shape, place value, addition and subtraction, we have all been trying really hard. 

Year 3 - Autumn 2

Year 3 have had an extremely busy half term! We have been learning about the seven continents, different countries and even finding out about some different cities. Investigate class did a brilliant class assembly, all about different countries in the world. We learnt lots of new facts about the continents and countries. Did you know that the continents all end with the same letter they start with eg AsiA. Check it out!


We have also been learning about Health and Movement in Science. We learnt about how to keep healthy, healthy diets for animals and humans, different habitats and how skeletons help us to move. 


We pulled all our learning together with an amazing trip to Whipsnade Zoo. We visited animals from different habitats, made a Christmas gift for the sloth bears, visited the sea lions, tigers and elephants and had a thoroughly exciting, if somewhat cold, time!


We have also just completed a week-long photo frame project in D&T, where we designed, created and evaluated our own photo frames. We are hoping to send them home as Christmas gifts for our families!


Whipsnade Zoo - 8/12/15

Year 3 - Autumn 1

Victorians research

Victorians research 1
Victorians research 2
Victorians research 3