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Spring term 2


This term we have taken part in a number of exciting things. Firstly, it was book week and we got to study David Walliams, who is an author we all thoroughly love. We done a few things to celebrate his success including making inspirational book marks; designing our own front cover to one of his books; making predictions on what was going to happen in ‘Billionaire Boy’; and listening to an audio of the author reading his book. Although book week was halted because of the two snow days, we really enjoyed the learning and were very inspired to begin to write our own books. Dress up day was equally as fun, there was lots of amazing character out fits! In addition, we have concluded our project on ‘We are Set Designers’. We used the skills we learnt last half term and applied them to making our shoe box animations. We had to work as a team to complete the project, which was challenging at times, but fun. ​

Autumn Term 2 2018

This term in Year 4 has been the best term ever! The best part of it was pyjama day because we all got to come to school in the comfort of our warm, cosy, snug PJ’s. We also had the option of bringing both our fluffy pillow and teddy with us.

It just so happened that anti-bullying week fell on pyjama day. During that week we learnt about the different types of bullying as well as being treated to an extra special assembly. The assembly was a performance about ‘The Power of One’ where we learnt how to prevent bullying and what to do if we saw bullying happening. While all this excitement was filling the school, balloons were filling the air for our anti-bullying balloon release.

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Ella, Zebedee & Grace

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Autumn Term 1 2018


Wow has it been a whole half term already? What an amazing one it has been! We kick started our project of WE ARE Music Makers by becoming experts on how our ears work. Did you know that our ears have 3 bones and one is called a hammer? Make sure you ask us more and we can even give you an interactive demonstration! Now of course the music making needed to come in somewhere so we became GarageBand experts (Steven Jobs would be so proud!). In small groups we explored different genres and chose which one we wanted to create. There was a lot of excitement around Hip Hop beats and Dubstep! We loved being introduced to these funky genres of music and used our likes and dislikes to help us plan and create a musical composition of our own. There was a lot of collaboration with Year 3 in this project and we loved working with them! We can’t wait for our parents and carers to hear our CD compilation. We are on to a Christmas number one for sure! Roll on next terms exciting project

Summer Term 1 2018

What a superb term! We have been becoming artists where we had our creative juices flowing.

Using the principles of Austin’s Butterfly
(look it up on YouTube), we drafted and re-drafted a drawing of an animal
which we perfected over a
number of lessons. We helped each other by giv- ing meaningful and constructive feedback which helped us to produce our highest quality out- come. Come and

take a look at them in our gal- lery.

In P.E, we havebeen developing our Athletics skills.

So far, we have practised the starting position of a short sprint, how to pass batons during relay races and jumping over hurdles. All of this practice should have us well prepared for our summer

sports day. In English, we be- come poets and performed to the Year 3s. We have also been read- ing the Iron Man by Ted Hughes and created our own illustrations for the story. We can’t wait to show you our amazing art work. 

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Spring Term 1 2018

To begin with, Year 4 has been exploring different rainforests across the world! Our project began by studying the location of rainforests using maps and ICT skills. Next we investigated the different layers of the rainforest to find out what species of animals and plants inhabited these particular areas. Soon after we became experts on the different animals that live in the Rainforest which was super exciting and fun! Children discovered how they survive in these conditions. Using our newly learnt knowledge, children designed their own fact files about their favourite rainforest animal which they then presented to the class. To consolidate what we have learnt so far, we are excited to announce that we will be taking Year 4 on a trip to The Living Rainforest where they can become real life explorers! As part of our healthy eating learning, we visited Leyton Orient Football club for an inspiring session on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and how fundamental exercise is to being healthy. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience! 


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Autumn Term 1 2017

This term our project has been based on ancient Egypt. We decided that we wanted to learn about pyramids, mummification , how Egyptians travelled and hieroglyphs . As part of the documentary we have made, we mummified oranges to gain a better understanding of the process itself. We all loved it. When mummifing oranges we became curious and intrigued by human internal body organs which then led us to explore and learn about the importance of brains, kidneys, liver and lungs. We were fascinated by what we found out. Our literacy learning also had an Egyptian connection. We have become experts in writing adventure stories and newspaper reports using Flat Stanley as our inspiration. As part of our Maths week, we went crazy about mastering our reasoning skills by carrying out all sorts of fun and quirky investigations like ‘can a piece of paper be stretched to cover the length of the classroom?’ What an amazing term!  Keep a look out for our documentary on Ainslie Wood you tube channel

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This half term, we have been on an exciting European adventure. We have researched various European countries and have learnt a lot about the countries around us. Using atlases and Google Earth, we located and identified the different countries and also spent time locating their capital cities, seas and rivers. As well as the geographical aspect of our topic we have learnt key facts about Europe. Did you know that the European Union is an organisation where countries can be part of and get huge benefits? Did you know that there are 700 million people living in Europe, making it the second smallest continent in the world? We didn’t know all of these facts but created our own questions to answer. We have learnt the flags of Europe and can now identify them in less than 2 minutes!  We have enjoyed our adventure and cannot wait until our next one.

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