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Senior Leadership & Leadership Team

Senior Leadership & Leadership Team



                                   Kerry Scott - Head Teacher






The Headteacher ensures that everything runs smoothly while consistently working towards the school vision. She looks always at how well things are working and sets the strategic plan for the future.

                                  Claire Phillips - Deputy Head

                                          Leader of Teaching

Claire Philips - Deputy Head - Leader of Teaching





The Leader of Teaching works with all adults in the building to help them to develop their skills in order to give the children everything they need.

                            Louise Baldwin - Assistant Head

                                      Leader of Learning





The Leader of Learning leads on all things child focused - curriculum, data and outcomes being just a few of them.

Carmen Cooper - Business Manager




The Leader of Logistics leads all areas of the building which ensures our school operates smoothly each day,  These include finance, premises, admin and catering.

Mel Poole - SENDCo




The Leader of Link Inclusion works with children who may have additional needs or challenges; with adults to make sure they know how meet all of the challenges; and with parents and the community to strengthen our links.


Our staffing structure is designed to ensure that every area is able to meet the needs of all of our children while supporting staff to develop and innovate.


The Board of Governors oversee the running of the school to make sure that all of our children are getting the best experience possible.  They ask lots of questions and come in to school to see that what they find out is what is happening.


The school has 4 distinct Quads to maintain a separate focus on the different needs of the children at the different ages and stages of their school life. Each Quad has a leader who ensures that the specific needs of the children in their age range are met. It also ensures there is effective communication across the school as the leaders meet with the Senior Leadership Team on a weekly basis.


Blue - Nursery and Reception                                                    Green - Years 1 and 2                            

Blue Quad Lead   Sharon Devine                                                     Green Quad Lead     Jamie Bird                                                                                                                                           



Red -Years 3 and 4                                                             Yellow - Years 5 and 6                            

Red Quad Lead                                                                    Yellow Quad Lead                               


Alina Apopei                                                                          Shamim Ahmed                               



The Learning (or Curriculum) Leaders have particular strengths in their subject areas and are responsible for overseeing the teaching of their areas across the school. These leaders work with all class teachers on their planning for the year, setting topics and ensuring that the different learning needs are met.