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Teaching Staff


We ensure teaching and learning of the highest quality.


At Ainslie Wood we understand that the biggest influence on a child’s in school education is the quality of the adults working with them. We feel in order to provide the world class education that our children deserve we must have world class teachers and support staff so we have an exciting teaching structure designed to meet children's individual needs while continuing to develop teachers' teaching practice.


In some year groups we have 3 teaching adults for each of our 2 form entry year groups (Nursery to Year 1 has additional Early Years Practitioners to support teaching). By having additional adults, we can move them around to meet the needs of our children and they can break the classes into smaller groups, or work in any way they may need.  This arrangement can be organised in any way the teachers think will work best - three large groups for one session, a small focused group intervention during class time or different children working on different learning at any one time.   It also means that the adults know the children and the children know the adults and we are usually able to avoid calling in supply teachers to cover teacher absence.


Our Leader of Teaching also works with all of the teachers to constantly develop their practice.  Through team teaching and other methods, teachers' understanding of how to fine tune what they do to enable the children to accelerate their progress ensures that children our children regularly 'exceed expectations' and attain higher than national rates of progress and attainment.


Our Support Leads bring a range of skills and expertise and are led and allocated by the Leader of Support.  SLs can work with individual children, small groups or support classes.