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What are quads?

Our building is on one floor and shaped like a cross.  In each arm of the cross are two year groups (or four classes).  As there are four areas with four classes, we decided to call them quads.


Blue Quad is our Early Years area and teaches children between the ages of 3 and 5

Green Quad houses Years 1 and 2 (or Key Stage 1).  So you will find 5-7 year olds there.

Red Quad counts as Lower Key Stage 2 (or Years 3 and 4) and so is home to our 7-9 year olds.

Yellow Quad is where you will find our oldest children (9-11 year olds) in Years 5 and 6 or Upper Key Stage 2.


We have been working on developing each quad into an 'area of excellence for children of that age' and the research continues over the next couple of years.

Keep looking out for the changes in our quads.  We will be changing the environments, the teaching and the learning approaches all to be more specific to the needs of the children in each age range.