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Year 1 and 2

Welcome to Year 1 and 2


At Ainslie Wood Primary School we have developed a child centred enquiry based curriculum that is innovative, broad and varied. It enables children to use their imaginations, develop their creativity and become ‘experts’. We develop the children's individual abilities, interests and potential. We do this through a variety of teaching methods and by taking account of children's different learning styles. We also take note of what interests our children, and adapt our lessons and curriculum to accommodate this. We focus on reading, writing and mathematics as a foundation for all our learning. Creativity is embedded into everyday teaching and learning.


Our unique, school-designed WE ARE Curriculum [Whole, Engaging, Active, Real, Exceeding expectations] is designed to provide a stimulating, challenging and rewarding learning journey so that all children become confident, competent and accomplished learners. This is taught through Project Based Learning (PBL) which covers science and most of the foundation subjects, whilst PE, RE, French and music are taught as stand-alone lessons.


Our curriculum threads SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) across all subject areas and school life, ensuring pupils are aware of the history and the values of Britain and ensuring pupils’ are prepared for life in modern Britain.


We teach children how to keep safe by a variety of means, which includes assemblies; and sessions on specific areas such as internet safety.


A big focus in Green Quad is widening children’s experiences. We incorporate this in to all aspects of our curriculum including Project Based Learning by providing opportunities and exposing children to things that they may not have experienced previously.  

Our system includes:-


- Accurate and moderated assessment drawing on a range of evidence to improve teaching and learning and raise achievement.


- Regular evaluations of how well pupils' are doing against Age Related Expectations (ARE), including identifying pupils who are at risk of falling behind and ensuring there is aspirational challenge for all groups of learners.


We deliver our curriculum through:


·     A wide range of after school clubs and breakfast clubs, including art, cooking, a variety of sports, dance and drama.


·     Supporting all staff to deliver our WE ARE Curriculum.


·     Assessments, using objectives from the National Curriculum, of core and foundation subjects.


·     A wide range of educational visits linked to Project Based Learning


·     Inviting experts in to work with our children in school.