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Year 6 Residential

Monday 15th October 2018



It's been a wonderful journey to LIDDINGTON. We arrived in record time as the roads were empty. Children settled into their rooms and went for dinner which was less chaotic than previous years. Our first evening activity was Ambush, another name for a night time game of hide and seek in the dark, spooky forest. It was a blast! Everyone enjoyed it. Can't wait for tomorrow as we have some exciting activities planned such as the scary Jacob's Ladder, Zipwire and Quad Biking - some real opportunities to build our courage. Check up on us again soon, there will more exciting news to share and pictures in abundance showing how much fun we are having. 

We are @ PGL

We are @ PGL  1

Tuesday 16th October 2018


Today has been fun-filled and challenging and the weather has been great too. Children have enjoyed activities like Canoeing, Zipwire, Jacobs Ladder and Quad Biking. Many have pushed themselves and conquered their fears of height while others mastered their skills of Archary. Even Mrs Apopei found the courage to try out giant swing and she is determined to have a go again.

In the evening, we entertained ourselves  by playing Cat and Mouse with a football and crab and tortoise football. Here are some pictures to show the amazing day we have had. Be sure check it again tomorrow for some more exciting news. 

Wish you were here!

Wish you were here!  1
Wish you were here!  2
Wish you were here!  3
Wish you were here!  4
Wish you were here!  5
Wish you were here!  6
Wish you were here!  7
Wish you were here!  8
Wish you were here!  9
Wish you were here!  10
Wish you were here!  11
Wish you were here!  12
Wish you were here!  13
Wish you were here!  14
Wish you were here!  15
Wish you were here!  16
Wish you were here!  17
Wish you were here!  18
Wish you were here!  19
Wish you were here!  20


Wednesday 17th October 2018


Wednesday Madness!!!
Having had a good nights' rest, we began our morning with Crate Challenge and Raft Building where we learned to work as a team and refined our listening skills. To say it was fun would be an understatement. Some of us lost our wellies before we could even get on the raft itself.

In the afternoon we experienced Sensory Trail where children became experts at using their five senses to find their way out of many obstacles that were put in front of them. We ended our evening sitting around a camp fire singing silly songs and telling riddles and jokes. It was cracking fun. Tomorrow is another packed day with Disco in the evening. We can't wait to get dressed up and dance the night away. 

Cracking Day!

Cracking Day!  1
Cracking Day!  2
Cracking Day!  3
Cracking Day!  4
Cracking Day!  5
Cracking Day!  6
Cracking Day!  7
Cracking Day!  8
Cracking Day!  9
Cracking Day!  10
Cracking Day!  11
Cracking Day!  12
Cracking Day!  13
Cracking Day!  14
Cracking Day!  15
Cracking Day!  16
Cracking Day!  17
Cracking Day!  18
Cracking Day!  19
Cracking Day!  20
Cracking Day!  21
Cracking Day!  22
Cracking Day!  23
Cracking Day!  24
Cracking Day!  25
Cracking Day!  26
Cracking Day!  27
Cracking Day!  28
Cracking Day!  29
Cracking Day!  30

Thursday 18th October 2018


Danced the night away! 
It's been another busy and hectic day for all of us. After a quick breakfast, we headed for our activities. Some of us went to find solutions to obstacle course while others plucked up the courage to have a go at Giant Swing. It was scary  but fun at the same time. In the afternoon, we went abseiling and tried out Vertical Challenge. Those amongst us who reached the top showed off by doing a victory dance. Having half packed our suitcases, we rushed to the dance 💃 floor for our disco night and danced our evening away. One more night of beauty sleep at mighty, mighty PGL. Can't wait to be at home with our loved ones. 

Disco Fever

Disco Fever 1
Disco Fever 2
Disco Fever 3
Disco Fever 4
Disco Fever 5
Disco Fever 6
Disco Fever 7
Disco Fever 8
Disco Fever 9
Disco Fever 10
Disco Fever 11
Disco Fever 12
Disco Fever 13
Disco Fever 14
Disco Fever 15
Disco Fever 16
Disco Fever 17
Disco Fever 18
Disco Fever 19
Disco Fever 20
Disco Fever 21
Disco Fever 22
Disco Fever 23
Disco Fever 24
Disco Fever 25
Disco Fever 26
Disco Fever 27
Disco Fever 28
Disco Fever 29
Disco Fever 30
Disco Fever 31
Disco Fever 32
Disco Fever 33

Friday 19th October 2018


Final day of fun!

Having had a wonderful breakfast, some of us began our day with the Challenge Course while others went onto have fun on Trapeze which at first looks very scary but once you get rid of the initial fear, you feel to do it over and over. Sadly, due to time restrictions we all got to have a go only once. Challenge Course was entertaining as we all got to training like RAMBO. We all looking forward to having lunch @ 1:00 and heading home to have a well earned rest for a week. Can't wait! 

Friday Farewell

Friday Farewell  1
Friday Farewell  2
Friday Farewell  3
Friday Farewell  4
Friday Farewell  5
Friday Farewell  6
Friday Farewell  7
Friday Farewell  8
Friday Farewell  9
Friday Farewell  10
Friday Farewell  11
Friday Farewell  12
Friday Farewell  13
Friday Farewell  14
Friday Farewell  15
Friday Farewell  16
Friday Farewell  17
Friday Farewell  18
Friday Farewell  19
Friday Farewell  20