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Expectations set!

And the journey has begun...PGL, here we come.

Monday - Day 1

After a long journey, we finally arrived at PGL. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't brightened up, but that won't stop us from having a blast! We settled into our rooms very quickly and went for dinner as we were extremely hungry. 
Our first evening activity was Robot Wars which was really entertaining and we learnt to work as a team. It was SUPER FUN! Everyone loved it. 
We can't wait for tomorrow when we get to do Survivor challenge, Jacob's ladder and much much more. Some fantastic opportunities to build our courage, resilience and empathy. 
Check in with us again soon; there will more exciting news to share and fun filled pictures in abundance showing how much fun we are all having. 

Thrilling Tuesday - Day 2
Our day began with a hearty breakfast and a light drizzle of rain. Once the hash browns and cereal were scoffed down, some of us enjoyed Jacob's Ladder, while others competed against each other in Aero Ball. Let's just say there was not a single dry sock in sight!
Jacobs Ladder gave us the opportunity to work as a team and learn to trust each other. Even Lorraine and Keeleigh took the brave step to take on the challenge.
After a healthy lunch, we headed straight for Vertical Challenge and Canoeing; the children definitely didn't expect to get as wet as they did! 
We ended our evening with the thrilling game of Ambush in the pitch black. We had a lot of laughs and endless giggles. 

Wonderful Wednesday - Day 3
WOW! It's been a mega long day but it's also been a beautiful day. We enjoyed many activities under amazing blue sky and bright sunshine. Some of us lost our voice from all the screaming we did while doing Giant Swing, Crate Challenge and Vertical Challenge. Miss Scott came to visit us and joined in along with Nikki on the Giant Swing.
Most of us pushed ourselves and conquered our fears of height while some of us refined our archery skills by learning to hold bow and arrows properly. Then we ended our day with a cosy camp fire where we sang all sorts of funny and quirky songs. That's all for now but be sure to check us again tomorrow as we share more exciting news from our wonderful residential. 

Totally Terrific Thursday - Day 4
Another fun and action packed day for us all. The day began with challenge course where we overcame many obstacles. We then moved onto doing survivor where we learnt skills to survive in the jungle like making fires and building shelters. Trapeze was incredibly challenging in the pouring rain but it didn't dampen our spirit. We said goodbye to Miss Hare and welcomed Miss King who got to know her group really quickly. We finished our Thursday night with an incredible  Disco where we danced the night away.  

Last day of fun! -Day 5

We had to wake up really early to pack our bags before having a hot breakfast. Then some of us went to try Challenge Course while others went onto have fun on Sensory Trail which was very entertaining. Zip wire and lunch were the last activities of the day before we headed home to have a well earned rest for a week. Can't wait!