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Our Vision for 2025

Our vision, values and principles are at the core of everything we do. In September 2023, we launched our six key principles that underpin our strategy, our leadership, our teaching and our learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. They are:







Children and adults have been engaged in promoting these principles across the school. 


So our vision is to achieve this...


Inspirational Leaders : Aspirational Learners


Here's some more detail about what we aim to do to make that happen...


By 2025, Ainslie Wood will be a world class centre of excellence in creating and delivering a truly child centred, age specific, whole education which continues to Inspire Active Learning and Exceed Expectations. Practice will be continuously developing as we learn through a range of trials, collaborations and world class sources and we will be regularly sharing our findings and practice with others; locally, nationally and internationally.

The continuous development of all staff will be facilitating the growth of inspirational leaders who support aspirational learners through a holistic curriculum which provides ample opportunity and a trusting, safe and secure environment in which our children and staff have the freedom to make choices and take risks. All learning will be relevant and focused on developing real life skills in real life contexts in a bid to ignite passions, create experts and develop future leaders.

Our school will be proud to be a central point in the community which supports, engages and works with its members in a range of ways. We will be the first choice school for our local community as they recognise us as an environment which creates valuable, contributing members of the local and global communities and one which and one which actively promotes equity and anti-racist practices while cherishing and cultivating the potential in everyone.