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Teacher Development

At Ainslie Wood, we know that all of our teachers are on a continuous journey of development to be the best teacher they can be.  As the Leaders of Teaching and Early Teaching, Mrs Fagelson and Mrs Oldroyd tailor and personalise support to make sure that teachers are able to improve and develop all of the time. They have loads of interesting (and schooly) ways of doing this.  Things like: team teaching, planning support, in-house training and continuing professional dialogues.   

We support our teachers to use a wide variety of thinking and systems to deliver imaginative, engaging and relevant learning for the children, as well as focusing on the next tiny improvement (we call these ‘marginal gains’) in practice such as tone of voice, presence and teacher talk.  

As well as supporting experienced teachers, we tailor our development programme specifically for student teachers and newly qualified teachers to make sure everyone builds a solid foundation in the early stages of their career. ‚Äč

All of this means that everyone is well supported and able to meet the needs of all of our pupils.  By focusing on a continuous journey of development, we help to develop effective and reflective teachers who fully engage in their own personal development and the outcomes are clear to see.