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Great Learning

Olympics Work

An Olympic sports poster from Adam
Super research by Aidan C
Emily's Olympic research
Great fact finding from Gunes
A really good Olympic torch from Ivan
Aidan did great research about China and put it into their flag
Teddys Japan research
Emir's USA flag with all the sports they take part in
Teddy's Japan flag
Lara's Russia flag and research

Space Work

Emir Akpinar Wordsearch
Teddy Bloomberg Wordsearch
Adam's great research about Neil Armstrong
Isidore convincing us to visit Kepler 4526
Lara convincing us to visit Rainbow world!

Great Fire of London Poetry

Comparing feelings

Thankful poems

Flat Stanley

Thomas' Flat Stanley letter to America
Jasmin's Flat Stanley letter to Australia

Nativity Story

Finley retold the nativity story