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Great Learning 2019-20

Division and multiplication word problems

Najaa has done some amazing division and multiplication word problems! 
These were not easy but you remembered your multiples of 2, 5 and 10’s. 

Amazing learning! 

Sea Life Fact Files

Aylin did some fabulous research on sea turtles on Tuesday from reading the story Commotion in the Ocean. We have been learning lots about sea creatures this week both at school and remotely! 
Great drawing there too, Aylin! 

We have using our phonics to write words and sentences


Lola has made an amazing model of Ainslie Wood for her Project Based Home Learning. She has included all of the four quads, Shirley our lollypop lady as well as many trees to represent the woods attached to our school. Fantastic! 


Isaiah has learned to tell the time!

He can tell you that the long hand is the minute hand and the short hand is the hour hand. He can make o'clock timings as well as half past and is beginning to tell quarter past and quarter to. Great job! 

David has created a fantastic model of Ainslie Wood School including the Green Quad playground. He enjoyed sharing his project with Create class.
Ameera created a brilliant poster about Ainslie Wood Primary School for her project. She included photos of different parts of the school and lots of interesting facts.
We have been looking at the animals in the Savannah. Did you know there are Nocturnal animals who roam around the Savannah at night time and then there are Diurnal animals, who are like us, and sleep at night time. We couldn't believe a Lion can sleep up to 20 hours a day!