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  During our project, 'WE ARE 7.9 billion and counting', we learnt about the population of humans in the world.


  We found out lots of interesting facts about diversity and how special people are. We made discoveries of international foods; we found that the places where people live are unique to the countries they live in but with many similarities too.


  The most amazing thing about people is that they communicate and live in different ways because they have adapted to the environment that they live in.


  To celebrate the diversity of the people around the world, we decided to create a fabulous statue that shows represents diversity in our classrooms; in our school; and in our world. Our inspiration came from The Statue of Europe, which celebrates peace and diversity in Europe.     

  On our statue there are flags from countries around the world and diversity flags; there are five hands that are coloured to represent the different continents of the world (like the Olympic rings); the globe to show the whole world; and finally, symbols that we believe show peace, diversity and identity.


  ALL of the students in Year 4 contributed to the process of making, designing and understanding our statue.


Sketching the Statue of 7.9 Billion.

First, we learnt the technique of how to sketch a flat hand. To do this, we sketched circles and squares to look like the skeleton of a hand. After erasing the 'skeleton' of the hand, we drew in the details of the hand with more pressure on our pencil strokes. We repeated this process for hands indifferent positions. Using these skills (and the inspiration of the Statue of Europe), we drafted and redrafted a sketch of our statue - The Statue of 7.9 Billion.


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