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It has been amazing to see how quickly and easily the new year 3s have settled into Red Quad, especially during these strange and difficult times we find ourselves in.


This half term in Maths, we have been exploring number through place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication. The children have developed their skills in a variety of problem solving methods and have also applied these to real-life maths problems. We have been exploring money during our 'Finance Fridays' sessions and the children have learnt about saving money, budgeting and adding coins together.


During our English sessions, Year 3 have been exploring the myths and legends. We have identified how these two concepts are similar and different and have had a go at writing myths, including our own mythical creatures! We have also been reading play scripts, highlighting the features of a play and learning what play scripts are using for. The children have then written their own play scripts to perform to the class, based on their knowledge of the Vikings.


During Project, we have delved into the history of invaders, understanding the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and their place within British history. We have explored how and why they invaded Britain, and what resulted from their invasions. We also looked at what they wore, what they ate and how they used to travel, including designing our own Viking longships!


In RE, The children have been exploring Hinduism, their festivals of celebration, how they worship at home and what Hindus believe. In PE, Coach Symeon has been providing some exciting sessions around ball skills, and keeping the children on their toes with some fantastic team games.


It has been a very busy and exciting first term for the Year 3s in Red Quad and we are looking forward to an even more tremendous second half to the Autumn Term!


Many thanks for your continued support!