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What a busy half term we have had in Year 1!

Did you know there are 7 Continents in the world? We have learned the name of all 7 of them and now know that we live in Europe.

You wouldn't believe it but a Beast came into our classroom and left us a story of his life to read. From the book, we learned there is a lonely Beast in every continent in the world and this particular Beast was feeling quite lonely and wanted to find some other Beasts like him. 
The Beast went on a long journey where he went over some snowy mountains, into a dark cave, across a dangerous river, swam amongst pink jellyfish and hitched a lift from a whale.  We used adjectives to describe the Beast; furry, scary, enormous, lonely and terrifying! We needed to decide whether the Beast going on an adventure would be a good idea or not. Therefore, we debated what would be best. Construct Class performed the entire story to their families and it was amazing!



This half term in Maths, we have been learning all about measure. We estimated and then measured the length of different objects in the classroom as well as around Green Quad. We have been learning how to use a ruler and measuring in cm. We loved learning about capacity and we really enjoyed making our own magical Maths potions by measuring different amounts of liquid using measuring jugs. 



Project Based Learning. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about what it is like to be a 6 year old in Africa in our WE ARE In Africa Project this half term. Do you know a fact about Africa? We have learned so many! There are 54 countries in the Continent of Africa, the Djembe Drum is made of wood and Goats skin and in some schools they wear uniform just like us. We have become experts in the Big Five, African dancing, African drumming and all about African fashion. A special expert from Senegal, named Cheikh, came into school to share his expertise on everything African! This has supported us in our learning as well as helping us with our end of project Showcase which we can not wait to perform.

This has been such a fun and interesting project!




For our WE ARE Ainslie Wood Project this half term, we have been super busy learning about our school and what makes Ainslie Wood special. Here are some facts we have learned;

  • There are four quads in our school; yellow, red, green and blue. We also learned that quad means four!
  • There are 462 children in our school. 
  • Sally, who works in the office, is an Ainslie Wood expert!
  • Ainslie Wood is in London which is in England and England is part of the United Kingdom.
    We have loved going to the woods attached to our school and exploring all things autumnal. We couldn't believe how many mushrooms there were!
    We are now very excited to be starting our new project after the Christmas holidays.


In English, we have become traditional tales experts! We in Create Class performed an assembly on Little Red Riding Hood which everyone in Year 1 really enjoyed. We also became authors and wrote our own books on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We even debated whether we should forgive Goldilocks as she did make some bad choices towards the Three Bears but then we decided we should forgive her. We now understand the importance of capital letters and full stops and enjoyed being punctuation detectives. 


In Maths, we have loved learning to tell the time. Did you know we can blink in 1 second? Some of us were able to do 64 star jumps in 1 minute and we think we could make a cake in 1 hour which is 60 minutes!


We can't wait for Christmas time and are loving all the festivities. Christmas dinner was delicious!



Of course we were more than ready for Year 1! We've settled in so well to the new Year 1 routines.

We've started off the half term with learning about all things wild whilst reading 'Where the Wild Things Are'.  We made predictions, described characters feelings and even designed our own Wild Things! We couldn't believe Max was dreaming all along.

We are becoming number experts and we have also been adding and subtracting numbers. We are now shape detectives searching for the properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes as well as recognising real life shapes all around us.

As the season is changing, we have been using our senses to explore what we can; hear, smell, see, touch and even taste in Autumn. We used adjectives to describe Autumn and made our own senses poems. 

We've had a great start to Year 1 and we are looking forward to beginning Project Based Learning after half term!