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Update to families 18th June 2020


This week we have moved to our newest way of working; a wider opening of the school to children from Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 and a new remote learning plan for the children still at home.


Firstly, an update on our wider opening.  Thank you to all of the children and parents who have brought children back to school this week and have followed our plans and protocols so carefully.  You have made it an incredibly smooth transition - it has been such a joy to see smiley children returning to learning.  While things have been different around here, everything has worked well and so we’re looking forward to seeing more of you back next week.


Following our phone calls to the families of children who have been invited back but haven’t returned this week, our numbers have shot up much higher than expected for next week’s entry.  If you have said that you would like your child to return to school next week, you will now start receiving your information pack so you know where to go and what to do (the key facts you need are the start and finish times and if your child is joining group A, B or C).  If you haven’t yet sent your child back but are still thinking about it, I need to let you know that we are getting close to our maximum capacity (full capacity is 75% of each year group) and that when we reach our full numbers, unfortunately we won’t be able to accept any more children due to staffing and space.


For those of you who have started the new remote learning programme this week, you may be interested to read the full strategy (you can find it by clicking here).  Here I have set out the ways we are approaching the remote learning challenge and the reasons why.  Please feel free to get in contact regarding this if you have any questions about it.

Finally, I would like to share that I hope you are all getting at least some of the things you need to continue to be well.  With lockdown slowly starting to lift and contact with loved ones becoming easier, I hope you are able to be with those important to you in some ways or other and that you are able to find yourself returning to the world with new learns and treasures that you gained as a result of an unusual time.


Update to Families 8th June 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


We have been working super hard to prepare our school and our staff for reopening next week.  The tracking of the virus shows that there have been a total of 2 new confirmed cases in Waltham Forest in the past 2 weeks, which adds to our confidence level that opening now can be safe enough.


Thank you to those parents from Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and Year 6 who responded when asked if you will be sending your children into school next week.  Now we have firm numbers, we have been working over the weekend on the lists.  Please remember that if you didn’t complete the form or have still not decided, that you should not bring your child to school next week.  We will be in touch with you each week to ask about the following Monday and you will be more than welcome to add your child to the list for upcoming weeks.


If your child is on our list, you will receive some information this week about where your child will be learning and how to enter and leave the school site.  You will also be contacted by one of the adults who will be working with your children to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have about the return.


If you are staying at home, please note that there will be a change to the remote learning arrangements, we will be sending out more information about this later this week.  While we are making these changes, please note that there will be no live zoom sessions running this Tuesday or Friday, then the new plan will start from next week.


I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to opening our school to more children again.  I know it’s not what we’re used to and not everyone has been invited yet, but it’s a start and I hope it won’t be too long before I get to see how tall everyone has become when we finally all return to school together.


Kerry Scott

Message to families 21st May 2020


I sincerely hope you are all well and are able to be enjoying the good weather. 


Myself, the team and our governors have been working tirelessly on the return to school plans which I'll be sending out for you all to see tomorrow.  While I believe we have set the best possible plans we can, I do not believe that we will be able to have everything in place and able to be running safely for 1st June.  For this reason, the plans we are working to right now are aiming for a full opening to all invited year groups from Monday 8th June.


Having said that, and not wanting to cause confusion or frustration, I, like many of you am waiting for the next government announcement on 28th May to make a firm decision about if I believe it will be safe to open or not.  With this date being only one working day (albeit in 'half term') before the 1st June, this is another reason I am pushing our potential reopening date back by a week.


Please read through the plans and get in touch via email* if you have any questions or comments about the plan.  I will try my best to answer all questions over the coming week as best I can and then I will look forward to gaining some more clarity next week in the announcement. 


Please stay safe and stay connected


Kerry Scott


*To contact the school, you can use the 'contact us' box in the welcome menu of our school website, or just email the school on  

Message to Families 13th May 2020

I hope to find you all well and moving through this stage of the lockdown as well as you are able to at this tricky time.  I'm sure you will have seen the news that the Prime Minister has moved the country to start planning for the next phase, and part of that is the phased reopening of schools.  Since the announcement, myself and the school team have been busy setting out the new ways of working and so I wanted to share some of that with you today.


The guidance that was issued has been set based on an approach formed by The Scientific Group for Emergencies who have been advising the Government, and follows the principles they say will keep us safe on our return to school.  These are:

  • Reducing the size of classes and keeping children in small groups without mixing with others
  • Staggered drop offs, pick ups, break times and lunch times
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning and reducing the use of shared items

You can find the guidance document that we are working from here:

and one created for parents here:


We have put together a plan which works fully to these requirements, as well as the other elements listed throughout the full guidance.  You can read the full guidance that we have used and further guidance produced especially for parents are carers on the .Gov website, or use the links on our News Update page on our website to find them.
In the guidance, it has been suggested that we could cap our numbers to be able to manage such small groups and the ability to keep them completely separated throughout the day, but we believe we should be able to manage by using all of the available classroom space in the building.  The difficult part of the plan for us is to know how large or small the actionable parts of this plan need to be right now.  For this reason we will be contacting all parents of children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, to ask if your child will be returning to school on 1st of June.  Please help us by answering this question, so we can be fully prepared for the return of our children.
I will be sharing full details of the plans in over the coming weeks so that all parents will be aware of our new protocols and practices and how we can all work together to maintain our safety.  In the meantime, stay safe and connected.
Kerry Scott

Message to families May 1st 2020


So we've made it to May and I hope things are as well as they can be with you.  I know that lots of you are finding your 'new normal' and have settled in to a way of living which, although not ideal, is meeting your needs as best they can be met in the present circumstances.


In regards to this, and following on from the message I sent last week, I wanted to clarify the strategy that we at Ainslie Wood have set for this period.  We have shifted all focus into the following 2 areas:


  1. To support the wellbeing and development of our children, families and staff
  2. To maintain the Ainslie Wood community bond


What I mean by all of this is that we want to be able to do the things that will support your family through this time and not add any additional pressures.  I also want us to keep in communication as much as possible as I believe that is not only crucial to wellbeing right now, but it will also help us to transition back into school easier.


I want to assure you that if we are able to focus on the wellbeing of our children, when we get back to school, we will be able to catch up on any missed learning much quicker.  We have lots of experience of filling in gaps and moving children forward quickly and so anything that is perceived as 'missed' over this period will be caught up. 


My hope for all of our families is that you are able to focus on the things that are important to you during this unusual time.  Focus on the things that the usual time constraints of 'real life' don't allow us to do.  Find the learning that the children love and let them do that.  Remember, right now try to focus on the process and love of learning rather than having a preoccupation with too much content.


Please stay well and I look forward to seeing and hearing from you all again soon.


Kerry Scott

Message to families 24th April 2020


Dear Everyone,


Well, what a time!  Things are so unusual right now, I think the most used word of this year may end up being 'unprecedented'.  As we're technically 'back at school' in summer term number 1, I wanted to update you on what we've been working on and how we are here to support you over this continued time of minimal contact.


I am very mindful that every single one of our families is approaching this new way of life from your individual perspective which is impacted by factors which include health, money, working from home arrangements, physical space issues and much more.  For this reason, I believe that our job right now is to support your family's wellbeing and continued development and we intend to do that by providing fun and interesting learning opportunities for your child/ren to get involved in, with or without you, but without the pressure of expecting you to 'teach' them.


From the conversations I've been having with parents and children from around the school as I've been speaking to as many as I can on the phone, I know that some of you prefer much more structure and formal learning to keep your days running to a regular routine; some of you are focusing on learning in looser, skills based ways; and lots of others are working somewhere in between those different approaches.  All of these are perfectly valid and I just hope that you are finding the way that is right for your family, which is helping you to come together, rather than cause any additional stresses.


You will notice that now your teachers are back from their Easter break (and some have also returned from illnesses before the break), they are offering more 'live contact' opportunities and you should start receiving some learning videos which you can watch as often as you like to keep you in contact with Ainslie Wood staff and other children.  We will also be sending some videos and links about mindful practices and relaxation to help you and your child/ren find some calm mental space during the day.  Please also get in contact, and allow your child/ren to get in contact with Philippa during school hours on 079484 929 599 if you or they are feeling anxious or stressed, or just want to talk.


So far as our new, virtual life is concerned, we are all still finding our way and are keeping up to date with safety guidance for virtual platforms etc.  Please help us to keep our children safe (in the same ways you would if you were coming into the school), by not posting any photos of other children on social media platforms etc.


I will be back in contact next week and hope that you have a safe, peaceful and productive time in between.


Kerry Scott


Message to Families 3rd April 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you and your families are keeping well and you and your children are adjusting to the living arrangements that we are all living with right now.


I know that by now you will have all heard from your child’s teacher to say that they will be ‘signing off’ dojo for the next two weeks so they can be with their families and do the things they need to do over this Easter holiday. I hope you have been able to keep involved with the learning activities they have been working hard to provide for you all over the past two weeks.  Unusually, they will still be working over this holiday by keeping the school open for the small number of key worker children who need to use our provision while their parents go out to do their important front line jobs. I’d like to thank all of our teachers and support staff for the work they’ve been doing over the past couple of weeks supporting our families and I’m sure you’d like to join me in that.


Now that the teachers have disappeared for the next couple of weeks, I guess it’s time to hand fully over to you. I reiterate my thoughts about not putting too much pressure on yourself or your children and instead, think of the future.  How will you and your children remember this important and difficult time in our history? I hope you are able to look back on it and focus on some key positives: it was the time our family started a new tradition, learned to play the guitar/paint/sing/yo-yo/beat the world record in keepy uppys.


My son is now grown and not living with me (lucky him), but if he were still at home, I would aim to keep him busy (apart from mastering a new skill) with; a bit of reading every day (independent, with me or an audiobook) and then lots of chat about the story; some free writing (anything of choice - diary, comic, etc), daily physical exercise (on our own, with the help of a YouTube class or creating our own assault course), some fine motor work (Lego, cutting, play dough, sewing, etc.), and loads of practical, hands on activities (I’d hide as much maths in there as I could), cooking, making, building, cleaning (yes, definitely cleaning!). This would all be interspersed with imaginative play and researching and presenting new ideas or learning. The poor little tyke wouldn’t get a minute to himself!


I hope these ideas help you at least a little over the next couple of weeks and we look forward to being back in touch either because school is open again, or via the platforms we’ve been using so far.


Whatever you put your time into, I hope you are able to look back and think of it as time invested rather than time wasted and we all come out a little more developed, a little more experienced, and a little more grateful for the things we can enjoy.


Stay inside, stay safe and stay connected.


Kerry Scott


Update 27th March 2020


Since our last update and the school closure last week, so much has happened. As the whole country has gone into lockdown, I wanted to get in touch to share some of my own thoughts.


We are currently in the midst of an unprecedented situation which is fuelled further by uncertainty which can result in fear and anxiety. This can cause strong emotions and we need to be mindful at all times that despite the fact that we are all in the same situation, we are all facing our own challenges. Any of us may have fear and concerns about our own health and the health of our loved ones. We may also be feeling anxious about possible financial implications in the short and longer term.


We should all recognise that this sort of worry can have negative effects on eating, sleeping, concentration and health. And it is important to recognise that these are normal reactions to abnormal events.  I hope that you are able to reach out to those around you to give and offer support.  If your children would like to reach out to someone at school, please remind them that they are able to contact Philippa between 9 and 5 during the week on 07484 929599.


I hope that you are taking good care of yourself, your friends and your family and are working out a ‘new normal’. Please don’t feel additional stress about your child missing school as this is the case for everyone right now.  As you are not set up for true homeschooling and not many of you are teachers please take this opportunity to build the relationships and fill the time with things that are meaningful to you and your family.


I know that lots of you are accessing the learning that is coming on a regular basis through class dojo (well done to class teachers for some superb acting performances), but there are a couple of you who have not yet accessed this learning. We are trying to contact you and so if you have not been able to access anything please get in touch with us as soon as possible.


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the staff of Ainslie Wood for pulling together in such difficult times. For offering the children and families support and running a safe and fun provision for the children of key workers who need it. It is at times like this I feel honoured to do the job that I do and work with the people that I work with.


Please observe the social distancing rules, keep yourselves safe and keep in touch with your teachers over this coming week.


Kerry Scott

Coronavirus Update 20th March


We are preparing to close until further notice and so want to keep you up to date with our plans for closure.


From Monday, our school will be closed to all children except those of key workers.  Use the link below to check if you are on the list and let us know if you will be needing a place for your child through the closure period.

School will be open for children of key workers from 8:30-4:00pm, and we will be running holiday camp/style activities.  We will be providing hot, free meals for all children and staff who will be attending.

Please note that the government have requested that any children who can safely be kept at home during this time, should be.

If your child receives free school meals (any child in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, or those who are otherwise entitled to it), you can come and collect a takeaway hot meal each day between 11:30 and 11:50am. We have been contacting you today to find out how many of you will want this service. Please let us know if you haven’t already so we can order food for the right numbers,


I have spoken to the children in assembly this morning about staying at home during this period, which is the reason for the school closure. While you and your child/ren are social distancing, please keep in touch with class teachers through Class Dojo as they will be sending learning activities and ideas through but please don’t feel the need to turn your home into a second school (unless you really want to). Use this time to do the things we find it so hard to find time for in our usual busy lives. Teach your child to tie their shoelaces, to bake, to sew buttons, to do magic tricks and other time consuming but useful things.

If children are feeling anxious, sad or upset during this closure period, we have set up a number for them to contact Philippa (just like they would if they were at school).  They can call her between 9 and 5 on 07484 929599.


Please do all you can to stay safe, stay at home and stay connected and I will look forward to seeing you all when we open fully again.


Kerry Scott



Happy International Happiness Day

On our last day of being open in our normal way, we thought that people might need cheering up a bit, and so we surprised our children by dressing in wacky bright colours to celebrate International Happiness Day. 

There were definitely more smiles than usual as parents and children came through the gate and saw Ms Scott looking even more brighter than she usually does. 😁

Coronavirus Update 19th March 2020


Ainslie Wood will be closing from the end of the day tomorrow (Friday 20th March) until further notice.


The government have announced that schools are to close for all except the children of key workers from Monday.  While we wait for the list of key workers from the government, if you believe you are a key worker or if your child falls into the 'vulnerable' category, and will be looking for a place for your child over the closure, please get in touch with the office immediately so we can plan numbers.

All other children will be expected to be cared for at home.  During this time, teachers will be in regular contact with learning for you and your child.  We have been planning to the idea that not many people have access to printers, so we are focusing on mainly online opportunities and practical activities.  All of this contact will be made through Class Dojo.  Please check your Dojo account is working and up to date - we are contacting any parents without an account today to give you your access code.


I will also be updating this news section of the website as we get more news so please check it regularly.


While we are not sure how long this closure will last, we know that it is an important decision for the country and are happy to play our part to help slow down the spread of the virus and help essential workers continue to keep our country running.


Stay safe and stay connected.


Kerry Scott

Coronavirus Update 17th March


The latest government advice has issued some new coronavirus measures that we should all be taking:

If you or any member of your household shows symptoms (a temperature of 37.8 or above, and/or a new, persistent cough), you should all self isolate for 14 days.

This means that children who have been sent home from school, or that you have decided to keep home from school because of symptoms should also have all people they live with self isolating too.  Please note that we cannot make the decision for you and your children - we can only ask that you follow the Public Health guidance and make your decisions based on that.

Here at the school, we have taken the decision to cancel all events in the school to limit the amount of visitors.  This means there will be no class assemblies, instrument concerts or parent workshops.  Sadly, we are also cancelling the Easter Disco and the Easter Bonnet Parade.

We are continuing to support our children to wash their hands frequently and not touch their faces and taking extra care to keep contact surfaces clean.

This is a difficult time for everyone in the country and we appreciate you working with us to support our community to stay safe and healthy.

Sport Relief Dancing


We've had such a great time learning the sport relief dance with Coach Symeon this week.  Click here to see Yellow Quad dancing it perfectly.  Click here to go to the Red Quad videoClick here for Green Quad and if you'd like to watch our little one practicing the moves, you'll find Reception here and Nursery here

Corona Virus Update

March 11 2020


As people across the world and country are taking precautions and preparing themselves for the spread of Covid 19, we at Ainslie Wood are keeping up to date with and following all government advice, which is being shared with us daily.


Our children and staff are being reminded and supported to wash their hands regularly and to make sure that any coughs or sneezes are directed into the insides of their elbows.  Visitors will also be sanitising their hands on arrival from this point on.


If you are looking for a way to persuade your child into more frequent and thorough hand washing, try showing and learning this song with them:


So far we have had no cause for any further concern at the school.  If anything changes and when government advice changes, we will let you know immediately.

Our first Big Breakfast of 2020!

Everyone wrapped up nice and warm to share pancakes and yoghurt in the playground this week.  The children came running excitedly into the playground as this was the first Big Breakfast of the year.  As we get to springtime, we will go back to our more regular once a month events where we all get a chance to chat and catch up with those we don't usually have the time to see.

AWP Film Night

Seats were sold out for our annual film night this year.  Children, parents and other guests were seated to watch Toy Story 4 and the popcorn machine finally worked to make sure there was enough for everyone.  Thank you to those who came to support (and enjoy the film), but an extra big thank you to the members of AWP who organised and ran the event.

Click here to see the full write up on the Ainslie Wood Partnership page.

Estonian Heads visit number 3 this year


Our children and staff are now used to the fairly regular visits from Estonian school leaders.  This time, we were visited by 17 headteachers in their first year of the best job in the world.  They came to see Ainslie Wood and how we approach learning for our children and development for our adults.  You can find out what they come to see by learning about our curriculum approach by clicking here and our adult development by clicking here.

I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone but Oak House won the token count this half term and, for their reward day today, they painted their own Christmas baubles!

Into The Forest by Year 4

Congratulations to Year 4 who wrote, created and performed their own version of Anthony Browne's 'Into the Forest'.

Children from around the school and parents were treated to the final outcome of the performance on Tuesday afternoon, as well as being treated to popcorn, oatballs and juice made and served by the catering team. 

Everything in the show (including the script, the music, the props and the food) were all created by the children as part of their project and the marketing team made sure the hall was full on both occasions.

Congratulations to everyone in Year 4 for putting on such an excellent show.  See the class page for more information about the project.

Friday evening saw the coming together of another fun filled and action packed Christmas Fair. 

Nikki, Sam and the AWP have been working for months to bring together the selection of crafts, stalls, food and even rides which opened to the public soon after school ended.  Children and parents were treated to cosy Christmas music, face painting and festivities inside, and the rain held off so we could enjoy fairground rides including Teacup Twirlers and a Disco Bouncy Castle outside.  It seemed that the 30+ prizes in the raffle were destined for one family as their tickets were pulled again and again from the box - turns out, the strategy to keep winning, is to have more tickets than anyone else in the box! (seems obvious now!)

The most exciting part of the evening though, was the arrival of our special guest. Santa and some of his elves took time out of their busy pre Christmas schedule to meet some of our children and give them an early Christmas prezzie.

I would like to thank Nikki, Sam and the AWP for all of their hard work and all of our parents and children for your support.  As soon as we know how much we made, we'll share the figure with you. :)

The Panto is here

Kids from across the school are reaching a crescendo of Christmas Spirit this week, as they enjoyed a special pantomime performance of Beauty and the Beast.

Christmas Dinner Week

Christmas Dinner Week has officially become a tradition here at Ainslie Wood!  Every child gets to invite a guest to join them to munch through turkey and all the trimmings and this year, we have more guests than ever before.  Across the four days, Sharon and her team cooked and served Christmas lunch to almost 1000 people!  As we know, the children in the rest of the school also need lunch, so Sharon and her team also cook a different hot menu for them every day too! 

We loved hosting you all for Christmas lunch this week, well done to the parents who returned more than once as they have children in more that one quad. We have a couple of parents with 3 children in 3 different quads, but this year, no one matched Ms Scott's title of 3 Christmas lunches in 4 days!  (January will be mostly spent in the gym I think).  We ended the week with a special staff breakfast (no more turkey please) which was also cooked by Sharon and her awesome team.

Thank you so much to Sharon and the rest of the kitchen team for all of the hard work - it's so worth it.  We look forward to doing it all again next year.

It's time for the Early Years Nativity!

Congratulations to our Nursery and Reception children for putting on such an incredible nativity this week! 

The children in Early Years have been working really hard to share a new version of the nativity story which included 8 new songs which everyone learned brilliantly.  A great big thank you to the adults who worked so hard to help the children learn their lines and all of the songs and helped our children look and sound so great in their performances.  All of the children in the school got to see the show and so many parents managed to make it to at least one of the three performances.  Thank you for supporting us, as ever, it feels like Christmas can officially begin now. :)

Rock Steady are back!

Still image for this video
This week Rock Steady returned to Ainslie Wood to hold three music assemblies for Years 1-6. By the end of each assembly, a new band had been formed who treated us to a live performance!!

Learning to play the drums

Still image for this video

December 2019


We all learned so much from our week with the Chinese visitors

What an honour it's been to have hosted 30 students and 4 adults from China this week. 

They came to London to learn about British culture and spent this whole week at Ainslie Wood learning alongside our pupils.  Our Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils developed projects that would help the Chinese visitors to learn from us about British culture, while we got to learn about Chinese culture.

Year 4 focused their project on comparing cultures (food, pastimes, etc.)

Year 5 created a comparative timeline so they could learn about significant historical events that happened in China and England at the same times.

Year 6 focused on significant people from China and England.

(click on each of the year groups to go to their learning pages and see videos from our sharing event).


By the end of the week, great friendships had been made and learning was shared in a fantastic celebration event.  Our visitors treated us to some dances and a shadow puppet show which were all a feast for the eyes.

The Flower

Still image for this video
We were lucky enough to be treated to this beautiful dance from our Chinese visitors


Still image for this video

Shadow Puppets

Still image for this video
Some of our visitors wrote and performed a show for us using traditional shadow puppets. Not only was it an incredible sight, but the pupils wrote and performed it in English!
Here's a snippet of the show

Aspiring Heads from Estonia visit in preparation for their next phase

The second visit from groups Estonian colleagues this year happened  this week.  This time, the group was made up of 11 aspiring headteachers who, as part of their course, came to spend the day with us.  The Estonian Government Department for Education (Innove) has written Ainslie Wood in to their courses for aspiring and new headteachers and we couldn't be happier to host them!  Ms Scott has been mentoring one of the aspiring heads, Kristi Mumm, since her previous visit to Ainslie Wood in 2017 - it was lovely to see her in the flesh, congratulate her on how well she is doing and support her in the next phase of applying for a headship.

The visit this week focused on topics like; 'Leading Changes at a School', 'Life as a Headteacher', 'How to Motivate your Staff' and 'Building Cooperation with Parents'.  There was also plenty of time for our visitors to look around the school and to see learning in action.  They were particularly impressed by how confident and polite our pupils were and that they were so open to sharing their learning with them.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to be so open and welcoming to our international visitors.

November 2019


The Parliamentary Review Gala Celebration

Welcomes :)


We are super pleased to welcome Ms Alderman to red quad and Ms Ortega to Nursery.  We are also pleased to welcome Nadia our new Student Social Worker to our Family Support Team.

Solving Crimes as Forensic Scientists

Maple House are the Token Winners!

Well done Maple House for winning the first token count of the year!

The children from Years 1-6 collected tokens across the first half term and made sure they were in the token tubes in time for the count last Friday.  Maple only came first in 2 out of the 4 categories - showing themselves to have the best manners and able to show the most respect this half term, but they had gathered enough tokens overall to beat their closest rival (Willow) by 15 tokens.

Their prize was to learn to be a forensic scientist and solve some terrible crimes!

Watch out criminals, we seem to have the next generation of crime solvers growing here at Ainslie Wood.

Year 6 Residential

Year 6 are currently forming their team and building their confidence on their 5 day residential at PGL Liddington.  Read their daily blog here...

October 2019


Ainslie Wood are in the Parliamentary Review

There will be a gala celebration at The Houses of Parliament on 31st October (Brexit night!) which Ms Scott and Marc Brown (our Chair of Governors) will attend.  Keep a look out for further updates.

Start of the Year - September 2019 (see above)