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It's time for the Early Years Nativity!

Congratulations to our Nursery and Reception children for putting on such an incredible nativity this week! 

The children in Early Years have been working really hard to share a new version of the nativity story which included 8 new songs which everyone learned brilliantly.  A great big thank you to the adults who worked so hard to help the children learn their lines and all of the songs and helped our children look and sound so great in their performances.  All of the children in the school got to see the show and so many parents managed to make it to at least one of the three performances.  Thank you for supporting us, as ever, it feels like Christmas can officially begin now. :)

Rock Steady are back!

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This week Rock Steady returned to Ainslie Wood to hold three music assemblies for Years 1-6. By the end of each assembly, a new band had been formed who treated us to a live performance!!

Learning to play the drums

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We all learned so much from our week with the Chinese visitors

What an honour it's been to have hosted 30 students and 4 adults from China this week. 

They came to London to learn about British culture and spent this whole week at Ainslie Wood learning alongside our pupils.  Our Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils developed projects that would help the Chinese visitors to learn from us about British culture, while we got to learn about Chinese culture.

Year 4 focused their project on comparing cultures (food, pastimes, etc.)

Year 5 created a comparative timeline so they could learn about significant historical events that happened in China and England at the same times.

Year 6 focused on significant people from China and England.

(click on each of the year groups to go to their learning pages and see videos from our sharing event).


By the end of the week, great friendships had been made and learning was shared in a fantastic celebration event.  Our visitors treated us to some dances and a shadow puppet show which were all a feast for the eyes.

The Flower

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We were lucky enough to be treated to this beautiful dance from our Chinese visitors

Shadow Puppets

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Some of our visitors wrote and performed a show for us using traditional shadow puppets. Not only was it an incredible sight, but the pupils wrote and performed it in English!
Here's a snippet of the show

Aspiring Heads from Estonia visit in preparation for their next phase

Aspiring Heads from Estonia visit in preparation for their next phase 1
Aspiring Heads from Estonia visit in preparation for their next phase 2
Aspiring Heads from Estonia visit in preparation for their next phase 3

The second visit from groups Estonian colleagues this year happened  this week.  This time, the group was made up of 11 aspiring headteachers who, as part of their course, came to spend the day with us.  The Estonian Government Department for Education (Innove) has written Ainslie Wood in to their courses for aspiring and new headteachers and we couldn't be happier to host them!  Ms Scott has been mentoring one of the aspiring heads, Kristi Mumm, since her previous visit to Ainslie Wood in 2017 - it was lovely to see her in the flesh, congratulate her on how well she is doing and support her in the next phase of applying for a headship.

The visit this week focused on topics like; 'Leading Changes at a School', 'Life as a Headteacher', 'How to Motivate your Staff' and 'Building Cooperation with Parents'.  There was also plenty of time for our visitors to look around the school and to see learning in action.  They were particularly impressed by how confident and polite our pupils were and that they were so open to sharing their learning with them.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to be so open and welcoming to our international visitors.

The Parliamentary Review Gala Celebration

Welcomes :)


We are super pleased to welcome Ms Alderman to red quad and Ms Ortega to Nursery.  We are also pleased to welcome Nadia our new Student Social Worker to our Family Support Team.

Maple House are the Token Winners!

Well done Maple House for winning the first token count of the year!

The children from Years 1-6 collected tokens across the first half term and made sure they were in the token tubes in time for the count last Friday.  Maple only came first in 2 out of the 4 categories - showing themselves to have the best manners and able to show the most respect this half term, but they had gathered enough tokens overall to beat their closest rival (Willow) by 15 tokens.

Their prize was to learn to be a forensic scientist and solve some terrible crimes!

Watch out criminals, we seem to have the next generation of crime solvers growing here at Ainslie Wood.

Solving Crimes as Forensic Scientists

Year 6 Residential

Year 6 are currently forming their team and building their confidence on their 5 day residential at PGL Liddington.  Read their daily blog here...

Ainslie Wood are in the Parliamentary Review

There will be a gala celebration at The Houses of Parliament on 31st October (Brexit night!) which Ms Scott and Marc Brown (our Chair of Governors) will attend.  Keep a look out for further updates.