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News 2019-20

What a fun and exciting half term Reception has had! We have learnt lots of new facts about all different types of dinosaurs. Did you know a Diplodocus was as long as a football pitch!? That's incredible! We also looked at all different types of transport and the differences between them. Rockets and submarines were definitely our favourite. We even went to Chingford Mount to collect data about what the most common forms of transport are in our local area. We used our expertise in tallies and found that cars were obviously number 1 but we saw loads of buses and vans too. 

We have spent the last 2 weeks learning all about Space and we are amazed. We learnt that Earth, where we live, only has 1 moon but Jupiter has 79 moons!!! I wonder what it's like seeing all of those in the sky. We have had so much fun learning loads of new information this half term and we are excited about all the new things we are going to learn next half term.

Wow, what a busy half term its been, we can't believe it's nearly the end of the year! This half term we have focused on Julia Donaldson's book's- Room on the broom, The Gruffalo, Stick Man and Jack and the Flum Flum tree. We loved discovering lots of new vocabulary and rhyming words in these. 

Explore and Discover class also made a trip to the forest on a hunt to find 'Leaf Man'- who was blown away by the wind in another story we read, and was waiting to be found. We really enjoyed exploring the forest and finding different Autumn objects on our travels. 

In Maths we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes! We had lots of fun going on a shape hunt around the school and then finding different 3D objects in our classrooms for us to name. We have also learnt all about patterns and have made our own using different resources, we were then able to explain our pattern sequence to our friends. 

We worked really hard on our Nativity, learning lots of new songs, actions and lines to say, and were so happy to perform in front of lots of different children and adults. Thank you for coming! 


We can't believe we are already approaching the end of the first half term! We have managed to squeeze so much amazing learning into such a short space of time. We have been looking at who we are and what makes us special and unique. We understand that we are all different and we really like it that way. The world would be so boring if we were all the same! We have read so many books already this half term to support our learning such as 'What makes me a me?', 'Elmer the Elephant' and 'The Dot'. When you come into Reception, you'll be able to see all of our lovely learning on the walls. 


We have also been learning to write our letters and numbers correctly, count different amounts, are beginning to read and write words with 3 sounds and are trying our best to have a 'can do' attitude all the time. 


New friendships have been made, confidence has been built and we have settled so well into Reception already! We can't wait for lots more fun learning after half term!