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The Development of Teaching and other Professional Development

Great by Choice Project


Following the unprecedented events of the COVID pandemic and the effects it had on schools, pupils, staff and families, on our return to school we needed some inspiration and tools to help us to recalibrate and come through stronger than we were before.


In order to do this, all staff took part in a project (designed in the same way as we design the projects for our children) which focused on answering the question:


What can we learn from those that triumph through uncertainty, turbulence and adversity?


We used research produced by Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen in their book Great by Choice, where they studied companies and organisations that had, not only survived through periods of turbulence and chaos, but had actually come through stronger.


We aimed to learn the common principles (those actions or qualities that all of the 'great' organisations all had in common), and then work out how they could be applied to schools.


Just like when the children complete their projects, the staff took lots of opportunities to collaborate to get the best out of their learning, and then made their own decisions about how they would like to present what they had learned.  Click below to see their outcomes.