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WE ARE Archaeologists

This term Year 4 have been learning all about the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age. We have also found out what it takes to be an Archaeologist and the arduous steps they have to go through to make an amazing discovery like a Palaeolithic pick axe, or a Mesolithic cave painting!

As our way of helping our school community feel like Archaeologists, we have set up a treasure hunt of sorts, inspired by the popular hobby of Geocaching.

In Ainslie Wood (the forest, not the school), we have hidden 12 boxes for you to find over the summer, with a twist for your adventure. Before you set off to find the boxes, you’ll need a pen/pencil to log your name and the date when you find a box (log paper in each box). Also, you will need to take a small toy for the ‘SWAG promise’: when you find a box, to take a toy you have to replace it with one of your own

Below you will find the clues to each box. Happy hunting Ainslie Wood geocachers!

BOX 1:

Royston Avenue entrance

Stand on the drain stand

Walk forward 10 steps

Turn right and walk forward 45 steps

Follow the small path through the bush until you can see the electricity sign to your right

Once in the clearing you’ll see a log obstacle 10 steps ahead

Carry on for 80 steps until you reach the dry river

The box is behind the V-shaped tree


BOX 2:

Royston Avenue entrance

Follow the curved path to the right

Pass the clearing

Cross the bridge

Look to the big tree on your left


BOX 3:

Royston Avenue entrance

Start at the log from the first clearing

Take 5 steps and turn left then walk 20 steps

Turn left on path and walk 50 steps and then turn right before the bridge

Take 15 steps until you get to the curvy tree

Then look opposite and then see…


BOX 4:

Royston Avenue entrance

Start at the log from the first clearance

Take 5 steps and the turn left then walk 20 steps

Walk 86 steps, following the path through, then turn to your left: there will be a tall tree with a number on it

Take the path where the tree is and walk straight for 26 steps

Stop at the little humps

Opposite here, in the bushes you will see


BOX 5:

Royston Avenue entrance

Go to the right of Tree X (the big fallen tree trunk)

Facing the gate and houses, walk straight ahead, passing the trees in a row of three, then walk 30 steps

Follow the path straight on, you should see bushes behind you

Walk 20 steps and turn right then walk forward 10 steps

Stand at the very large tree facing the bushes

Turn right and walk 65 steps and look by large log, there is a geocache…


BOX 6:

Royston Avenue entrance

Stand facing the residential area

Turn left and walk 40 steps

Take the path on your left… or the path on your right

Walk past the circle of 8 trees

Walk 100 steps down a narrow path where the prickly bushes are

Walk over the bridge and walk straight until you pass the thin tree that has a trunk the shape of a Y

Walk 75 steps then turn left and walk 15 steps

Look left under the branches and foliage for the box


BOX 7:

Walk to the end of the football pitch and turn right

Follow the path approximately 100 steps

Carry on to the left of the tree stump in the centre

When you see a tree stump with ‘IE’ written on it, turn right

Follow the path until you see two trees (about 32 steps)

Turn left and walk straight 20 steps

Turn left and you’ll see a tree wreck

Under a tree you will find me


BOX 8:

Walk to the end of the football pitch then turn left

Walk forward 20 steps then turn right and see an opening with a log on the left

Walk 56 steps forward until you come across a large tree on the right

It is around this large tree that you will find the box. Not up, not down, but somewhere around


BOX 9:

Royston Avenue entrance

Start from tree marked X

Turn left, walk 20m past the thorny bush.

Jump over the fallen down tree, turn right.

Walk 30m past the tree and turn left.

Walk diagonally towards the small bridge and cross over.

Carefully walk past the massive oak tree not disturbing the bull on the other side of the field.

Duck under the willow tree, search for the cache in a group of bluebells.

Bingo! The cache has been found.


BOX 10:

Royston Avenue entrance

Start from tree marked X

Turn right walk 22 steps

Walk over bride with chicken wire on it.

Walk 12 steps to big pile of sticks.                          

Walk 11 steps next to path (slight hump).

Walk 32 steps to wooden forked branch.

Walk 28 steps to concrete square (bit smally0

Walk towards iron, rusty, crusty post.

Turn right.


BOX 11:

Royston Avenue entrance

Start from tree marked X

Walk forward 24 steps until you reach a tree in the middle of the path.

Turn right when you get to the tree and follow the path.

Walk 15 steps to the holly bush.

 Turn right and follow the tree.

Walk 30 steps and turn right.

Walk straight until you get to the tree.

Walk into ivy, don’t go past the tree…. BINGO!


BOX 12:

Royston Avenue entrance

Start from tree marked X

Walk forward 24 steps.

Turn left.

Walk 65 steps forward until you get onto the path.

Keep walking straight, there will be a log on the left, keep walking straight.

Keep walking until you reach a bridge.

There will be a broken/fallen down tree on the left. Keep walking following the path for 30 steps.

There will be a large tree in the middle of the path.

Walk 7 steps.

Clue: There is a mini path on the left. Follow until you see a fallen tree.

Under the tree you shall find me!‚Äč