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News 2019-20



This term, we have become experts in Sikhism! We presented an incredible workshop that consisted of storytelling, role-play, drawing symbols and many more exciting things. Be sure to ask us any questions you may have and we'll be more than happy to enlighten you with our new-found knowledge.


In addition to this, as part of our 'WE ARE Growing and Living' project, we learnt all about the life cycle of mammals, amphibians, birds and insects. Did you know that amphibians can breathe through their skin? And did you also know that ALL mammals have hair? Even dolphins and whales that live in the ocean!


After cramming our brains with all things animal and life cycle related, we published informative life cycle posters, which have been displayed around our local environment so that we can share all the knowledge we have obtained over the past few weeks. Be sure to have a wander around and read them!



This term, Year 5 have enjoyed being proactive global citizens. We learnt all about the importance of the wonderful rainforests; with their abundance of wildlife and their crucial impact upon our climate.


We took an interest in the devastating effects of deforestation and decided to take action by spreading the word across Ainslie Wood Primary School.


We became eco-warriors and shared our findings with Years 2, 3 and 4. They were enlightened and are now joining us in our plight to protect our world and our future.


Be sure to ask the children of Ainslie Wood how you too can take small steps that will make a huge difference to the future of the planet we call home.



As part of our project ‘We are Astronauts’, Year 5 learnt all about the moon landing and even completed the Ainslie Wood astronaut training programme! We crammed in lots of learning about all things space and the forces we are exposed to everyday. Did you know that gravity is the only reason why we’re not bouncing off ceilings?


We took an amazing trip to the Science museum to participate in a variety of experiments from making glow in the dark liquids to using giant pulleys to lift ourselves off the ground!


We have produced an amazing futuristic story (based on The Midnight Fox) and written a non-chronological report about the moon landing. As our final outcome for project, we designed and created our very own space buggies which involved applying our DT skills and testing out our Science knowledge.


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