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2022 - 2023 (Archive)

The children have been getting EXTRA active by participating in lots of extracurricular activities.


In July, children from Year 3 to 6 participated in BMX training. They were super fast and quick at learning how to have control of a BMX bike on an uneven tracks. Well done!





In March, some of the Year 5 pupils took part in a basketball competition and they made it all the way to the QUARTER FINALS!





In April, Year 3 and 4 children took part in a tennis tournament. 18 schools had taken part and the children at Ainslie Wood made it to the finals! They were the runners up and received medals for their achievements.






Ainslie Wood children also participated in National skipping week called JumpX. The children were very dedicated in skipping and making sure they were doing as many jumps as possible throughout the week. As a result of this, Ainslie Wood came first in the whole country by racking up 1.5 million skips!

As if the children haven’t outdone themselves already, children from Year 3 to 6 participated in Quad kids. Where they were able to show their athletic abilities, sportsmanship and teamwork.



The children are definitely making the school proud with all the effort and dedication they are showcasing during these events. Keep it up!