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News 2019-20



This half term has been full of mischievous pets, creating our own statistics and composing marvellous music!


In English, as a year group we have immersed ourselves with a mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts. We started off in the world of Bill in ‘Bill’s New Frock’, a story about a boy who wakes up one day as a girl. We loved reading the adventures of Bill and how his experience at school differed when he was a girl! We even got to ask Bill questions about his life as a girl vs life as a boy! Our learning didn’t stop there! We also read ‘The Diary of a Killer Cat’ and loved reading all the mischief that the cheeky Killer Cat Tuffy got up to! We then wrote our own letter to Anne Fine, the author of both of these books to find out where she gets her ideas from and why she became an author!


In Maths we learnt all about fractions and discovered what equivalent fractions are! For example we now know that 2/4 is the same as ½. Then we moved on to adding, subtracting and comparing fractions with the same denominator, towards the end we were experts at this! We also learnt about different statistics and graphs such as bar charts, tally charts and line graphs. The children created their own tally based on either their favourite fruit or colour, and then we got to convert our findings in our tally chart into a bar chart! 


In Project Based Learning, we have been on world tour! We began by creating our own globe of the world, ensuring that all the continents and oceans were in the correct place. Then we immersed ourselves into the life, culture and musical elements of London, Paris and Rio. Once we discovered the wonders of these three cities, we then used this to influence our own music composition using Garage Band. We were thrilled to create our own music and experiment with different musical instruments, rhythms and pitch. 




What an amazing half term, full of adventure, shapes and some delicious outcomes!


In English, as a year group we have soared through the fictional island of Neverland along with Peter Pan, Wendy and the Lost Boys. We have read the book and created our own amazing prequel stories, exploring what could have happened before the well-known events of J.M. Barrie's classic novel. We have also investigated the grammatical features of instructions. We took a detailed look at existing examples before planning and publishing our own instructions for how to make a healthy pizza!


In Maths we have discussed the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and have sorted these according to categories we chose ourselves. We know about vertices, edges and faces and can define each of these. The learning did not stop there, as we ventured the classroom in search of items to measure. We then explored the differences in length between a range of items and even converted their units of measurement!


In Project Based Learning, we have been looking at the human digestive system and how each part functions and why each part is necessary.  Pizza has been on the menu in Year 3 as we have been researching existing pizza brands and then created our own name, logo and packaging for our delicious snacks. We also researched healthy and unhealthy choices for toppings with a view to creating a healthy alternative fast food option. The children then got the chance to design and prepare their own pizzas in groups. They organised their own toppings and crated their product to be boxed up and then presented these to another year group. Year 3 have really explored their skills in designing, researching, food preparation and product development on the road to marketing a fully fledged brand!



This half term has been a busy one in Year 3!


In English we have been reading The Twits by Roald Dahl and have immersed ourselves in the world of theatre by writing our own play scripts to re-tell the story.  We have also delved into fantasy, unearthing old Viking and Anglo-Saxon myths before writing our own. We even created our own mythical beasts!


In Maths we have become competent in using both column addition and subtraction to solve numerical and written problems. We can now use regrouping as a technique to work out more difficult problems and can demonstrate this to each other. Each Friday we have investigated the world of finance and have learnt about ways to spend money and also ways to save. This includes bank accounts, budgeting and buying at a cheaper price.


In PBL we have explored the history around many of Britain’s invaders, with a focus on the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons. We conducted in-depth research into their eating habits, housing, fashion, jobs and travel and created our own Horrible Histories extracts about these infamous invaders!