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🌸 Spring 2: Our Amazing Learning Adventure! 🚀


Hey there, strap in for a whirlwind tour of all the fantastic things we've been up to in Year One.

📚 Book Bonanza: Our Spring 2 kicked off with a bang during World Book Week! We celebrated by dressing up as our favourite book characters or embodying our favourite adjectives. From brave superheroes to mischievous monkeys, our classroom was a vibrant celebration of the wonderful world of books. Plus, we've been diving into some awesome stories like "Dear Dinosaur" and "The Bear and the Piano." These tales have sparked our imaginations and taken us on unforgettable journeys! But that's not all – we've also been budding poets, crafting cool poems about spring that make us smile.


🌿 Outdoor Explorations: Who needs walls when you've got nature as your classroom? We've been taking our learning outside, exploring the sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors. From studying our senses to discovering the magic of rhyme in the fresh air, every moment has been a new adventure!


🦖 Digging into History (PBL): Hold onto your hats – we've been on a thrilling journey back in time with our project "WE ARE Palaeontologists"! Led by the legendary Mary Anning, we've been uncovering fossils, hatching dinosaur eggs, and learning all about the incredible creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago. It's been a messy, marvellous expedition, and we've loved every minute of it!


➕ Maths Magic: Numbers and shapes, here we come! In the world of maths, we've been busy mastering the part-part-whole model, exploring number bonds, and blasting off into the stratosphere with our 2, 5, and 10 times tables. Each new concept has been a chance to flex our mathematical muscles and discover the wonders of problem-solving.


That's a wrap on our Spring 2 adventures! From literary escapades to outdoor explorations and everything in between, it's been a term to remember. Stay tuned for more learning fun as we continue to explore, discover, and grow together!


Spring 1


We're excited to share the highlights of another one of Year 1's fantastic half-terms.


In our 'We Are United' project, children explored the UK's landmarks and cultures, including a local trip to Mansfield Park with stunning views of Chingford and the River Lea. We sketched the view and made a wonderful class collage in the shape of the United Kingdom of all of our drawings of the view.


Mathematics brought 2D and 3D shapes to life. Our budding mathematicians honed their skills in measurement, unravelling the mysteries of size and quantity.


In English, VR sets took us to the African Savannah, where students had thrilling encounters with real lions, and then moving on to inspiring imaginative postcard writing.


In Science, Year 1 delved into the Animal Kingdom, classifying and identifying various species while learning about their habitats and diets.


Finally, we finished our half term by having a showcase of all of our amazing landmarks that we created as part of our first home learning project. We presented our creations to each other and to year 2 who loved our landmarks from around the U.K!


Can you name any of our famous buildings?


Thank you for your ongoing support in fostering the curiosity and enthusiasm of our Year 1 students.Exploring the Savannah using VRShape sorting in MathsVisitng Mansfiled ParkMansfield Park

Autumn 2

Year 1 Adventures: A Term of Tales, Numbers, and Scientific Marvels


As we bid farewell to another exciting term in Year 1, it's time to reflect on the myriad of discoveries our students have made in English, Maths, and Science.


In the realm of English, our young wordsmiths have embarked on a captivating journey through traditional tales. From the daring escapades of the Gingerbread Man to the troll-filled crossings of the Billy Goats Gruff, our classrooms have been alive with the magic of storytelling. The creation of storyboards in the world of Supertato has allowed our imaginative minds to run wild, weaving narratives adorned with adjectives and brought to life through expressive speech bubbles.


In the mathematical realm, Year 1 has been a hive of numerical activity. From grasping the intricacies of place value to the joyous rhythm of counting, our students have been building the foundations of mathematical fluency. Recognising numbers within 20 has become second nature, and the exploration of words and numbers, coupled with the introduction of 2D shapes, 3D shapes, and basic addition and subtraction within 20, has enriched our mathematical landscape.


The scientific adventures in Year 1 have been nothing short of fascinating. The topic of materials has opened a world of experimentation, with students exploring the mysteries of melting, absorbing, and the whimsical dance of objects in the water – sink or float? These hands-on experiences have ignited a spark of curiosity, fostering a love for scientific inquiry.


A highlight of the term was our delightful school trip to the local church. Exploring the historical and cultural richness of our community is an integral part of our holistic education, and this outing provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to connect with their surroundings.


As we celebrate the accomplishments of this term, we look forward to the continued growth, exploration, and joy that the next term promises to bring. Year 1, you've filled our days with laughter, learning, and boundless enthusiasm. Here's to a well-deserved break and to the exciting adventures that await in the next chapter of our academic journey!






Autumn 1

Greetings from Year 1! 

It's been a fun-packed journey in Create and Construct class, as we have embarked on a whirlwind of exciting adventures this term. 

As budding Historians, we delved into the captivating world of past and present. We compared old and new houses, clothing, technology, and even the incredible journey of our own growth. Witnessing how we have evolved over time has been an eye-opening experience for us! 

In English, we embraced our inner inventors, writing step-by-step instructions for our very own wings. Our language skills have taken flight as we soared through lessons on capital letters, embellishing sentences with adjectives, and skilfully weaving in time-connectives. Our book was 'Izzy Gizmo,' where we marvelled at Izzy's ingenious inventions and her heart-warming journey to help a wounded crow. 

In the captivating world of Maths, we have looked at place value, addition, and subtraction. Armed with our trusty 10s frames and number lines, we explored numbers up to 20, exploring concepts of greater than, less than, and equal to. 

The wonders of Science have been revealed as explored the human body. Also, we embarked on a sensory exploration, using our five senses to help us discover the world around us. Our learning adventure extended to our first school trip of the year, where we ventured into Ainslie Wood Forest. Engaging our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, we uncovered the secrets of nature, collecting acorns and examining intriguing twigs along the way. 

We cannot contain our excitement for the adventures yet to come in Create and Construct next term!