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Welcome back to a brand new year at Ainslie Wood Nursery!


This half term we have been very busy welcoming lots of new children into our Nursery. We have made a fantastic start to the year, the children are happy to come in and are ready to learn lots of exciting things. 


Throughout the term we have been learning lots of different Nursery Rhymes, one of our favourites was 'Humpty Dumpty', we built a wall outside and had so much fun singing the song and falling off of the wall just like Humpty Dumpty!


We started this term by looking at our feelings using the story 'The Colour Monster'. This helped us to learn about feeling happy, sad, angry, calm, frightened and love. We spoke about how we feel when we leave our parents and have learnt how to cope independently after being at home for so long.


After this we started to look at our families and who lives in our house. We used the stories 'So Much' and 'Owl Babies' to support us with this. We really enjoyed these books and loved to retell them to the teachers and our friends.


We also learnt about owls. Did you know that owls are nocturnal and that they can turn their heads all the way around? We each made a beautiful owl to go up on our display and said if it was Sarah, Percy or Bill.












We then moved on and started thinking about our Nursery rules like using our walking feet inside, using kind hands and sharing is caring. We looked at the story 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo'. This story was a lot of fun to read, we even learnt a song and actions to go with it using Michael Rosen's video to help us. 


Finally we looked at the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance' and how we have to have a 'can do attitude' and that we always we to try and not say 'I can't'.


We cannot wait for more adventures next half term!