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Autumn 1


Year 5 have had an incredibly busy start to the year. We've had so much learning to catch up on because of the horrible virus that has taken over - our days have been jam-packed! We also have lots of lovely new rules to keep us safe such as washing our hands constantly so they're squeaky clean and making sure we're social distancing! We have so much new content to get our teeth into - we're enjoying it a lot and truly expanding our brains to its maximum capacities!


We kicked off the year with our ‘We Are Living and Growing’ project. This half term gave us the opportunity to become experts in all things to do with animals and their life cycles. We had to do a ton of research on our chosen animal, do an observational drawing, draw a life cycle diagram and publish all of this in the form of book!


We've enjoyed delving deep into our Whole Class Reading book, 'Matilda' as well our English learning which was focused around the book 'Skellig'. Maths learning has been very successful! We've been doing our times table challenges every Friday and have become super confident in using the formal written method (column method) for addition, subtraction and multiplication. We have developed and demonstrated areas of growth mindset across all their learning.


We really look forward to what's to come in Autumn 2 and can't wait to develop our skills and increase our knowledge more and more!