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How we approach learning at Ainslie Wood


We focus on individuals and their personal journey towards their own potential.

This means that the learning at Ainslie Wood is child centred and relevant and we aim to find out about every individual and what they need to learn next in order to move them on.  We are a non-testing school (we assess our children consistently and individually) but our results for the statutory end of key stage tests show our children consistently achieve significantly above others of their age groups – both locally and nationally.


Things you should know about our learning

Our Early Years Foundation Stage uses a carefully balanced combination of choice, freeflow, routine and structure in order to give our children the strongest possible start to their school career.  Our focus on ‘Child Led Independence’ ensures that children make good progress in all areas of their learning; from the beginnings of reading, writing and maths through all aspects including the development of physical, social and emotional skills. 

In EYFS, we want parents to share with us as much as we want to share with them.  All learning and development steps and milestones are shared and celebrated and we love to find out about what your children have been doing and learning outside of school too.



Years 1-6


Whole Engaging  Active Real Exceeding expectations

We believe that the best learning happens when we enjoy it and the deepest learning happens when we own it. 

It is for this reason that our WE ARE curriculum, for Years 1-6, is designed to respond to the needs and interests of our children, with a view to creating experts through a Project Based Learning approach.

The ‘Projects’ we learn about during our time at school will let you know what we are becoming an expert in at that time.  Our project could be anything from ‘WE ARE Local Area Experts to ‘WE ARE Marine Biologists’ – and anything in between.

In order to make sure that our children learn ‘Real Life Skills in Real Life Contexts’, they need to be in the real world as much as possible.  This means that there are lots of trips and visits going on throughout the year aimed at catching interest, delving much deeper or trying out new things.

Further Information


If you would like any further information on any aspect of our curriculum, please get in touch with Ms Baldwin our Leader of Learning.