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We have had a very busy half term in Nursery. Through looking at books like 'The Rainbow Fish', 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo' and 'So Much'. We have been thinking about friendships, our family and making good choices.


Our Early Years Curriculum has three prime areas where we have been learning.

Personal, Social and Emotional (PSED)

We are beginning to join others in their play, form special friendships and especially trying to be brave by separating from our carer, this can be especially difficult for us! We are beginning to learn the rules and cooperating with some boundaries. Sometimes our actions hurt others and this is a hard lesson to learn. It is really important for us to remember that 'Sharing is Caring'.

Physical Development (PD)

We are loving taking risks outside, like climbing up the huge ladder and sliding down, also running around in the garden, kicking, throwing and hitting the balls. We are beginning to hold the pencil with a good grip to make lines and circles and sometimes telling the teachers what our marks represent. We are learning that we can become independent in self-care, pouring drinks and putting on our shoes and coats. 

Communication and Language (CL)

This area involves us listening to others, which can be difficult when the Nursery is such a stimulating place. We have so much to say but we have to remember to sit on the carpet and wait our turn! We listen with 'magnet eyes' to the teacher, try to hold a conversation and understand questioning with, who, what and where. 


We are only 3 and 4 years old and sometimes need support to make the right choices, but we are all settling into the Nursery routine, starting to make friends and most of the time we are happy and becoming independent showing a 'can do ' attitude.



We love to read in our 'reading den'.

We love to read in our 'reading den'. 1