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Summer 1

This half term has been brilliant and full of excitement, enquiry and exploration with our brilliant and dynamic new project WE ARE Fast and Fun. We kick started our journey of inquisitiveness by welcoming in professional mechanics to help explain to the children how the inside of cars work and different parts required to make cars fast. The children explored, designed, built, reconfigured and adjusted throughout this 6 week period and we are incredibly proud of the progress they made in building their cars and producing functioning motor circuits.


To prepare our children for the gradual transition to Year 6 we have been exploring decimals in greater depth in addition to percentages, data handling and multiple step word problems.


The children refined their skills in persuasive writing by producing wonderfully convincing letters to help fundraise for materials for their project, in addition to exploring the writing of clear and specific instructions.


We are incredibly proud of how hard they have worked this half term and are excited to welcome them back for their final chapter of Year 5!

Spring 2

This half term got off to a dynamic start as we started our new project WE ARE Mummified where the children delved into the history of Ancient Egypt and explored their culture, lifestyle and way of life. We even visited Ancient Egypt ourselves through the magic of technology via VR headsets, it was amazing to say the least! The children then made their very own Papyrus paper on which they wrote intricate hieroglyphics. After that, the children designed artefacts and clothing in addition to writing stories about this amazing Ancient Civilization. They then curated their own workshops for children in Year 3 to attend with fun and engaging activities for their groups to complete.


In addition to creating our workshops we also looked into more recent Ancient Egyptian history, more specifically, the discovery of King Tutankhamun. The children learned all about famous archaeologist Howard Carter as well as further researching themselves to form their own opinions on his practice. After researching they considered their evidence thoughtfully and decided on whether or not he was a thief or a legend. This research culminated in them writing fantastic newspaper articles in order to give readers insight into what really happened.


Maths has been challenging this half term as we have put more emphasis on multi step problem solving strategies. These types of challenges enable children to utilise their knowledge of the operations and use them accordingly to answer what a question requires. Whilst this has been challenging the children have risen to the occasion and as a result have thrived, with most children seriously challenging themselves to answer more difficult questions.


Science week also took place this half term and we had heaps of fun thinking scientifically, working scientifically and investigating scientifically. We explored elasticity by holding our very own animal bungee jumping competition where the children discovered the correlation between mass (weight of an object) and number of elastic bands required to perform a 90cm bungee jump!


Overall, this has been a fantastic half term and we look forward to welcoming our Year 5’s back for another wonderful half term in the Summer!


Spring 1
This half term has been jam-packed with excitement from the offset! We were launched directly into Space through a fascinating planetarium dome immersive experience. Following that, we designed and tested our own rockets ready for launching. The children loved researching Space further during PBL and English in order to produce their own factual non-chronological reports and thought-provoking documentaries. 


Maths, as always, has been challenging yet rewarding as the children continue to build upon their knowledge of geometry, measure, time and area and perimeter. This half term more emphasis has been put on problem solving strategies and reasoning preparing them for Year 6. 


Overall, this half term has been brilliant! We look forward to welcoming the children back and hopefully experiencing some warmer weather so we can enhance our learning experience by utilising our beautiful outdoor spaces more.

Autumn 2

The children kicked off our fantastic half term with a deep dive Black History Month Project entitled - Great Black Britons. We had a great time gathering information and learning all about our chosen pioneer – Sir Lenny Henry. Along with portrait sketching and fact file researching we tried our hands at a little comedy writing and produced some hilarious material we think Sir Lenny Henry himself would be proud of!


After that, we transformed both year five classrooms into islands in preparation for our exciting new project ‘WE ARE Island Explorers’. Achieve became a gorgeous, sandy Tropical Island whilst Inspire became a chillingly enchanting Sub-Antarctic Island.  Once we had teleported ourselves into our real life, immersive islands the learning flourished as the children explored ‘what makes an island an island’. As a result of doing so, they created some brilliant island holiday brochures tempting perspective tourists using persuasive techniques learned within our cross-curricular English lessons!


Maths has been superb as always - and as the challenge of year five really sets into place as has the children’s ability to rise to it! The children have overcome their fear of fractions and come up with several problem solving strategies enabling them to become master mathematicians!


Overall, we have had heaps of fun this half term as well as finding time to squeeze in lots of additional festive goodness like decoration and Christmas hat making!

We are looking forward to another exciting half term in the New Year!

Autumn 1

Year 5 have had an awesome start to the Autumn term. Children have settled in well to their new classes and are familiar with all classroom expectations and daily routines. We kicked off the Year with swimming where some children conquered their fears and achieved 25 meters. The children who remained at school were busy working on a mini project where they researched a trailblazer of their choice and prepared a presentation to then share with the class.

In Maths children have been applying their knowledge to a wide range of problem-solving activities. This has been most enjoyable through Stay and Solve every Wednesday morning.

Our first two weeks of English involved children exploring performance poetry and eventually honing in on the Kraken by Tennyson. We created our own sea monsters and wrote our own performance poems inspired by the work of Tennyson.

WE ARE Framed got off to an exhilarating start where children painted an abstract landscape using a variety of manipulatives and techniques. We then reinforced our understanding of multiple art movements by researching a variety of child-chosen artists we wanted to further explore. This all lead up to our fantastic expedition to Central London where we toured around the Tate Modern evaluating artwork by our chosen artists. To round off our fantastic project, we designed and curated a fully immersive art gallery that showcased our brilliant artwork.