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Our amazing learning from the first half of the spring term. 
Picture 1 It's so exciting! The egg is hatching!!!
Picture 2 Enjoying our story in Spanish
Picture 3 Its dough disco time
Picture 4 The Cheeky Bus
Picture 5 Will it sink or will it float?
Picture 6 We can add groups together
Picture 7 Celebrating Chinese New year

Our new and exciting Dinosaur reading den! The children and staff love enjoying a book together and independently in here.



Look at our pictures of our exciting first term in Nursery!

Autumn 2019

Picture 1 The amazing, growing chick!
Picture 2 Mud pie
Picture 3 I can balance and jump!
Picture 4 Finding shadows.
Picture 5 I can ride my bicycle.
Picture 6 What day is it today?
Picture 7 Rock-a-bye friend.