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News 2019-20

Spring 1


Year 2 have had a great start to 2020 learning how to be prevent and stay safe in a fire. We were lucky enough to have a team of firefighters come in and share their expertise, giving up advice and tips spotting dangers inside our homes. We used all this knowledge to create our very own fire safety workshop that the firemen came back to critique, helping us to improve our workshop. See our videos for yourself. 


In English we have studied Lila and The Secret of Rain, looking in depth at what life could be like if it never rained. We also explored characters feelings and were able to retell the story from Lila's point of view. Take a look at our learning in the 'Great Learning' section. 


Our Maths journey has consisted of learning to add and subtract using a numberline, collecting data about Year 1's favourite animals and all about the value of money. We have been recognising coins, adding and finding the correct change. 

Autumn 2


This half term we have become Global Citizens learning about India, Australia, Italy and America. We compared life in the UK with these other countries and were able to select the country we were most interested in to learn more about. During our English lessons we then wrote letters to people in the countries and visited the post office to post them ourselves. This was very exciting. Also in English we did some fantastic learning about traditional tales which finished with us writing our own versions. From The Three Big Cows to goats building swimming pools, our stories had it all. 


In maths we have been on a learning journey covering fractions, time, position, multiplication and division. We have been super busy!! Take a look at us in actions. 


The most exciting thing to happen this half term was our email from Santa. He rather foolishly got himself stuck up a chimney and sent us a message for help. We needed to create a healthy snack to leave out for him as all the mince pies were making his trousers too tight. We really enjoyed helping Santa and hope that this means we are all on his 'good' list!!


Hope you have a fantastic holiday, looking forward to all the hard work continuing in January.


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Autumn 1

What a brilliant start to the year!!


Year 2 have studied "We are Waltham Forest" project, hooked by the question "Where in the world are we?". We went on a lovely walk of the local area which included Memorial Park and Chingford Mount. Once back in the class room we looked at what the area has to offer and what improvements we could make. We also explored the physical and human features that we saw on our walk and created a beautiful display in our classrooms. Come and take a look!


In English we studied 'The Dark' by Lemony Snicket and learnt that the dark is nothing to be afraid of. We looked at the positive effects the dark can have on our lives like; being able to see the fireworks, saving energy for our planet and being able to close our eyes at night. Our final outcome was to re-write the story in our own words, we did a fantastic job of this. 


Our focus in Maths has been on addition, subtraction and shapes. We improved our mental recall of number facts as well as creating our own pictures out of shapes. We have a top tip for counting properties of 3D shapes, use plasticine to help you remember which properties you have counted. 


We hope to do even more fantastic learning next half term.