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Support Staff

We provide a stimulating and secure environment where everyone is valued.


We have an aim, for everyone to meet their potential, and in order to do this we have structured our staffing so that children and adults alike are constantly developing.


Our highly trained Support Leads support our children in a range of ways.  Some work 1:1 with children who have particular needs; some work with groups as their expertise in a particular area can help children to move forward in their learning; and some work with whole classes, supporting the teachers to meet the needs of the children in the moment.


Support Leads' timetables are organised by the Leader of Support following the data conversations that we have regularly.  These conversations help us to spot where children might need a little extra help or a big push and in which areas.  We then look closely at how effective the allocation was.  Your child may work with a range of different adults during their school day.


“Teaching assistants are deployed very effectively throughout the school, and they play a vital role in supporting different groups of pupils. As a result, pupils of all abilities, all make good progress over time.” OFSTED


This year, no members of staff have taken time off in the role of Union Official.