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Autumn 1 

What a tremendous start to the year our Year 6 pupils have had! As you know by now, we work slightly differently to other year groups, as we separate into various different groups throughout the day. We were blown away by how flexible the children were with adapting to their new timetable; they made the transition into Year 6 look easy! They are all working hard on their organisation, time management and independence, which are skills we place a huge emphasis on in Year 6, so that the children are all ready for secondary school next year.


During Autumn 1, the children took part in the project, WE ARE Illustrators, which gave them the opportunity to become experts in sketching. After practising various sketching skills, such as cross hatching and contour hatching, they drafted, re-drafted AND re-drafted again to complete their final outcome. This culminated into a piece of artwork celebrating the life and success of a significant black individual in history. The children were given time, using the internet, to research and learn about their chosen person, so they were able to become experts on their historical and cultural significance.


During English lessons, we have focused on structuring sentences in interesting ways to engage the reader further. We have also practised using different, up-levelled word classes, such as verbs and adverbs, adjectives, nouns and prepositions. We have written some fabulous descriptions, diary entries and poetry. In Maths, we recapped on our place value knowledge, the four operations and fractions. The children have shown such resilience and determination in all lessons which will aid their subject knowledge when the SATs come around.


 A huge focus for this term was developing and using a growth mind-set. Again, this will help the children with both their SATs, and transitioning to secondary school. We are super proud and are certain that the hard work and dedication will continue. ‚Äč