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Wow! What an amazing start to Year 2! The children have begun the year in such a positive manner, and this has been reflected in all the wonderful learning they have been able to produce over these past 7 weeks.


In English, we have been exploring the books 'Giraffes Can't Dance' and 'Leaf'. We have been discussing the characters' feelings and how these change throughout each story. From this we have been able to produce some fantastic descriptive writing around these characters. More recently, we have been exploring autumn and the beautiful sights, sounds and feelings that accompany this wonderful season. The children wrote their own autumn poems using their senses and even explored some real objects found in the forest!


In Maths, we have been recapping our place value knowledge from Year 1 to help us to add numbers together using both mental and written methods. We have also explored different types of measurement - length, capacity and weight and have used real-life measuring tools to help us compare measured values. Additionally, we have used our knowledge of shapes to name and describe a wide variety of both 2D and 3D shapes. The children can now describe these based on their number of faces, edges and vertices.


In Project Based Learning, we have just completed our WE ARE Waltham Forest project, and what an amazingly interesting, insightful and diverse project it has been! The children have been given the opportunity to explore the geography of the world - looking at continents and oceans. They have then benefitted form learning about the borough of Waltham Forest and what makes us so unique and culturally diverse. As a result, we have all been able to further explore our cultural backgrounds and even dress up to present and celebrate the variety of culture, religion and heritage in our wonderful borough!