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Autumn 2

WOW! Another extremely busy term. Children began the term with an amazing attitude and a passion to learn. In English, we read many stories from other cultures and then solely focused on a beautiful story from Kenya called Lila and the secret of rain. They created story maps of the story and wrote their own versions which were very inspiring to say the least. Additionally, children wrote a letter to author Anthony Browne telling him what we enjoyed when we read his books-the creative characters, the words he used to describe them and how the stories showed love and empathy between characters. 
In Maths, we mastered our fraction skills and used it to find fractions of different numbers and amounts. We also learnt to tell time on an analogue clocks and solved time related problems . We ended the term learning about different types of measurement units and how we would use them in real life. 
In Project, we have learnt the importance of healthy eating and and lots of exercise, in particular how beneficial they are for our bodies. We also acted like historians where we learnt about some very important people and their contributions to society. 
Don't forget to take a look at the our picture montage. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! 

Autumn 1

SIMPLY AMAZING! What an amazing start to the year? Having been away for 6 months, Children have returned to school with a renewed energy and settled in beautifully. They have adapted to the new rules instantly hence showing resilience, responsibility and independence. 

In English, children enjoyed exploring and writing Autumn poems. They studied colours, shapes and textures of leaves and used their senses to come up with wonderful adjectives.  We also wrote Fact Files about Polar bears using the book "Leaf" by Dieckmann Sandra as hook. This inspired the children to research and learn more about some of the most endangered animals in the world. 

Maths was all about Number! Numbers! And more Numbers! Children explored numbers and their place value using Dein’s and place value chart. They then applied the knowledge and skills they learnt to solve addition and subtraction problems. They even mastered how inverse works.  In the last couple of weeks, children have enjoyed hunting and investigating 2D and 3D shapes in our environment and became experts in recognising their properties.  

Our Project Based Learning focused on geographical skills whereby we looked at all 7 continents, identified physical and human features as well as looking at our locality. We also took a small trip to map our local high street.