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Our first theme was ‘The Colour Monster’ and ‘The Colour Monster Starts School’. This helped us to talk about our feelings on starting a new setting, making friends and learning new rules. This was a wonderful book for us to begin with, it really helped us to all get to know each other.


We then looked at books themed around the countryside, beginning with ‘Bog Baby’, ‘The Scarecrows Wedding’ and ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’, where we made a safari jeep and went to Africa on a hunt. This was followed by ‘The Gruffalo’ where we made a huge Gruffalo out of boxes and learnt how to stick things together. We also made small Gruffalo’s remembering all of his horrible features. We really enjoyed this book!


Finally we looked at ‘Stanley Stick’. We loved being imaginative and thinking about what our stick could be. Some examples were a wand, an instrument, a banana, a telephone and a rocket. We have already learnt so much through all these lovely books. 


We continue to learn new skills like cutting, putting on our coats, holding a pencil in a good grip and we are even beginning to write our names.


























We are getting very good at sitting and listening in a group to our teachers and our friends, we are making our teachers so proud.


We are starting to make good choices and learning to say ‘I can try’ instead of ‘I can’t do it’.


Also the children have been learning about ‘germs’, doing lots of hand washing and keeping ourselves safe!

Our hands ae clean!


We look forward to next half term and all the exciting things we will be learning and exploring.