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English this half term

Year 1 have had an amazing start to the year and have settled into Year 1 with great ease. We started off the year reading ‘Where the Wild Things are’, a book about a mischievous boy called Max who likes to go on wild adventures. This particular adventure took him to an amazing island full of Wild Things with ‘terrible eyes and terrible claws’, where Max became king of all Wild Things. Year 1 dove into this book, receiving a letter from Max telling us how lonely he felt and asking for our help on what he can do to feel less lonely. We wrote exciting descriptions of the Wild Things and even got to design and describe our very own Wild Thing!


Maths this half term

Over the last few weeks, we have been super busy in Maths! We have been adding and subtracting using concrete objects and number lines. We also solved addition and subtraction word problems! We have also recapped 2D and 3D shapes by going on shape hunts around the school, creating our own 3D junk models and making shape patterns! This week we have been measuring the lengths of different objects. First, we started with cubes and then we moved on to measuring objects in cm – which we used rulers for.