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Ready, Steady, Tweet!

Follow your child's class to see what they are learning about and see the fun they are having!


As well as the class pages we also have a school account for you  to stay updated with important information. Follow @AinslieWood


Follow the class pages...


Bumblebee Class: @Bumblebee_CNrsy

Butterfly Class: @Butterfly_CNrsy


Explore Class: @Explore_ClassR

Discover: @Discover_ClassR

Year 1:

Create Class: @Create_Class1

Construct Class: @ConstructClass1

Year 2:

Venture Class: @Venture_Class2

Challenge Class: @Challenge_Class2

Year 3:

Investigate Class: @Investigate_3

Enquire Class: @Enquire_Class3

Year 4:

Voyage Class: @Voyage_Class4

Journey Class: @Journey_Class4

Year 5:

Inspire Class: @Inspire_Class5

Achieve Class: @Achieve_Class5

Year 6:

Infinity Class: @Infinity_Class6

Beyond Class: @Beyond_Class6


If you don’t have Twitter...


As well as seeing all of the day’s tweets on Twitter, they will also be available on our website. Rebel Mouse is an amazing online tool which collects all the day’s tweets and displays them on one webpage. Click here to visit this page: